An API for accessing our mushroom identification engine.
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MyShroom is a mushroom identification system that uses Neural Networks. Our model was based off of AlexNet, and was trained with caffe.

API Description

While you can submit an image URL to our website, you can also make calls to the /find endpoint to yield JSON results directly. Example:

$> curl ""
[{ "latin":"Gyromitra esculenta",
    "common": [
        "Beefsteak morel",
        "Eastern Europe",
        "Upper Great Lakes of North America"
    "habitat":"Grows on sandy soil in temperate coniferous forest.",

The available parameters are:

Parameter Argument Find mushrooms that...
none none ...match any criteria
psycho true or false ...have psychoactive effects when eaten
poison true or false ...are poisonous, but not necessarily deadly
deadly true or false ...are deadly when eaten
rings true or false ...form fairy rings
cap See below ...have a certain cap type
hymenium See below ...have a certain hymenium type
spores See below ...have a certain spore print colour
ecology See below ...grow in a certain way
region Country / Continent name ...grow in a certain area on Earth


  1. 0 and 1 can be used in place of false and true.
  2. Any or all of these parameters can be mixed for specific searches.
  3. Use limit=n, where n is a number, to limit the quantity of results.

Cap Types

  • conical
  • convex
  • depressed
  • flat
  • indistinct
  • infundibuliform
  • offset
  • umbonate

Hymenium Types

  • adnate
  • adnexed
  • decurrent
  • free
  • irregular
  • subdecurrent

Spore Print Colours

  • black
  • black-brown
  • brown
  • buff
  • cream
  • pink
  • reddish-brown
  • salmon
  • white
  • yellow


  • mycorrhizal
  • parasitic
  • saprotrophic