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K8s End User Funtional Testing (k8s-euft)

We've made this repository to be able to replicate a kubernetes cluster and run functional tests as simply as possible with the less dependencies as possible.

You know that it can be hard to test and this is can be critic for some services like stateful applications. That's why this tooling exist, to perform automatic tests, you can use:

We're using Kind to quickly deploy a Kubernetes testing cluster.

Then you can use your favorite framework/language to perform your tests.


Simply create a tests folder inside your repository and add this repository as a submodule (or simply clone it if you don't want to use submodules):

mkdir tests && cd tests
git submodule add
cat k8s-euft/examples/.gitignore >> ../.gitignore

Usage with Travis

First, of all, setup a travis-ci account, link it to your repository and create .travis.yml file in the root directory of your repository.

You can use the travis example file:

cp k8s-euft/examples/.travis.yml ../.travis.yml

The env section describes the environment variables for:

  • K8S_VERSION: the Kubernetes version you want to deploy
  • HELM_VERSION: the helm version you want to deploy
  • NUM_NODES: the number of non master nodes you need in your cluster

The install section will perform helm linting checks, Kubernetes install and deploy helm on this newly create Kubernetes cluster.

Finally, in the script section, set all your tests files or folders you want to apply.

Usage with Vagrant

If you want to also run those tests locally, a basic go script helps to read travis config and run it. So you'll need a travis.yaml file as well that will be deployed inside your VM.

You can use the Vagrant example config:

cp k8s-euft/examples/Vagrantfile .

To perform tests, simply run Vagrant up.

Make basic tests

In the examples folder, you'll find a simple use case to start. To initialize it, simply copy those files:

cp k8s-euft/examples/ .
cp -Rf k8s-euft/examples/play .

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