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@adriancs2 adriancs2 released this Jun 24, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

  • Drop Internal build-in encryption
  • Drop feature: ExportInfo.EnableEncryption
  • Drop feature: ExportInfo.EncryptionPassword
  • Drop feature: ImportInfo.EnableEncryption
  • Drop feature: ImportInfo.EncryptionPassword
  • Drop feature: ImportInfo.TargetDatabase
  • Drop feature: ImportInfo.DatabaseDefaultCharSet
  • Drop feature: ExportInfo.GetTotalRowsBeforeExport
  • Add feature: ExportInfo.GetTotalRowsMode
  • Add feature: ExportInfo.AddDropDatabase
  • Add feature: ExportInfo.AddDropTable
  • Add feature: ExportInfo.TextEncoding
  • Enhance: Improve sorting algorithm of TABLEs' foreign key dependencies sequence.
  • Enhance: Improve sorting algorithm of VIEWs' dependencies sequence.
  • Enhance: Improve Importing handling algorithm, drop unnecessary checking which slow down the process
  • Fix bug: Data conversion of microseconds between .NET and MySQL is not handled correctly.
  • Drop: Delete an unnecessary line 136 in MySqlBackup.cs which causes some unwanted behaviour in some circunstances: (AppDomain.CurrentDomain.AssemblyResolve += CurrentDomain_AssemblyResolve;)
  • Fix bug: During import with IgnoreSqlError, if an error occur, the input SQL error text is not cleared and causing the next SQL statement to be error as it appends to the previous error statement.
  • Fix bug: While manually define ExportInfo.TablesToBeExportedDic or ExportInfo.TablesToBeExportedList, the existence of the defined tables is not checked in database, which might causing exporting a non-existing table.
  • Enhance: SQL syntax error from dump content is handled more properly.
  • Enhance: Some other minor edit to enhance the stability of the library.
  • Enhance: WinForm Test App is updated for testing new features.
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