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Contributing to Mycroft Documentation

Mycroft is intentionally open source software, and we subscribe to the collaborative approaches that are the hallmark of the open source community. For this reason, everyone is welcome to contribute to Mycroft Documentation.

Process flow

If you are non-technical

If you would like to contribute to the Mycroft Documentation and are non-technical, please make contact and we will provide a non-technical mechanism to contribute.

If you are technical, and/or you know Git and GitHub

If you would like to contribute to Mycroft Documentation and are technically-minded, you may:

  • Raise an Issue on this repo in GitHub
  • Clone this Repo into your own GitHub account, make changes and raise a Pull Request

Documentation Team

A Documentation Team is responsible for the guardianship of Mycroft Documentation. This team comprises both Mycroft Staff and Mycroft community members. The Documentation Team is responsible for additions and deletions to the Team itself. To chat with the Documentation Team, please join the Mycroft Chat facility, specifically the ~documentation channel.

Review of Issues and Pull Requests

All Issues and Pull Requests will be reviewed by a Documentation Team member within a reasonable timeframe, and feedback will be provided.

Pull Requests will be reviewed for elements such as:

  • technical accuracy
  • tone of voice
  • grammar
  • formatting

Changes may be requested.

If no correspondence on an Issue or Pull Request is received within eight (8) weeks, the Documentation Team reserves the right to close the Issue or Pull Request.

If a Pull Request satisfies review criteria, it will be merged to the appropriate branch.

Dispute resolution

If at any time you believe the Documentation Team has acted unfairly, you may contact Mycroft and request review and/or dispute resolution at any time. This process will be conducted in a professional manner.