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Step by step instructions to get you started using Mycroft AI, developing your own Voice Skills, or learning about the technology that makes it all happen.


Want to give Mycroft a try? Mycroft is open source software that runs where you want it to, whether it’s on your own hardware or one of our dedicated devices.

{% page-ref page="using-mycroft-ai/get-mycroft/" %}

Having trouble? See our range of troubleshooting guides and common issues.

{% page-ref page="using-mycroft-ai/troubleshooting/" %}

Want to develop your own Voice Skill? Whether you are new to coding, or a master level programmer, creating your first Mycroft Voice Skill is easy!

{% page-ref page="skill-development/introduction/" %}

Interested in the technologies that make up Mycroft AI? We have developed a range of open source technologies to bring Mycroft to life. They are all open source, and can be used together, or independently.

{% page-ref page="mycroft-technologies/" %}

Have further questions? Mycroft has a wonderful open source Community. If you have further questions, join us on the Community Forums or Chat.

Our documentation, just like our source code, is open source, and you can contribute to improving it on Github. Alternatively, please rate our documentation and leave comments on how we can improve.

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