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Use our Glossary to learn more about the specialist terms that we use in natural language processing generally, and more specifically with Mycroft software and hardware.

Glossary of terms

  • Device - the platform you have Mycroft installed on. This might be using an Enclosure, like the Mark 1, or on a Raspberry Pi, or it might be on a Linux desktop. Each Device needs to be Paired with your Mycroft Home account before it can be used.
  • Enclosure - a hardware implmentation of Mycroft. Examples include the Mark 1 and Picroft.
  • Fallback - a Skill that is designated to be a 'catch-all' when Mycroft cannot interpret the Intent from an Utterance.
  • Intent - when a user speaks an Utterance to Mycroft, Mycroft tries to interpret the Intent of the Utterance, and match the Intent will a Skill.
  • Mark 1 - The Mark 1 device is an Enclosure for Mycroft, based on Raspberry Pi. It is designed as a reference hardware device, and is able to be easily modified, hacked and extended.
  • Pairing - The process of registering a Device to Each Device needs to be Paired before it can be used.
  • Registration Code - a 6-character code that Mycroft issues to you during setup of the Device. This code is needed to add a Device
  • Skill - when Mycroft hears the Wake Word, then an Utterance, Mycroft will try to find a Skill that matches the Utterance. The Skill might fetch some data, or play some audio, or speak, or display some information. If Mycroft can't find a Skill that matches the Utterance, he will tell you he doesn't understand.
  • Utterance - an Utterance is how you interact with Mycroft. An Utterance is a command or question - like "What's the weather like in Kansas City?" or "Tell me about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi".
  • Wake Word - the Wake Word is the phrase you use to tell Mycroft you're about to issue a command. You can configure your own Wake Word in your Mycroft Home account.

Are we missing a word? Let us know below.

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