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Mycroft Mark 2 Pi Enclosure

This repository holds the files, documentation and scripts for building Mark 2 Pi device images.

Currently this build is based off of the latest Mark 1 image. is run to convert the Mark 1 image to a Mark 2 Base image so the ~30 minute does not have to be repeated for every image. Then off of the Mark 2 Pi Base image is run which will get a working Mark 2 Pi image. Sometimes newer images are made off of this image if the change is as ligth as pulling the latest from dev and updating skills.

Mark II Pi Base Image Setup

  1. Burn latest Mark I prod image to SD Card.

  2. Move to /boot partition of card

  3. Boot up device and setup Wi-Fi connection

  4. sudo mv /boot/ . (move to home directory)

  5. ./ 2>&1 | tee base_setup.log (takes ~30min)

  6. Remove Wi-Fi network from wpa_supplicant

Mark II Pi Setup

  1. Burn latest Mark II base image to SD Card. (~6 min for 16GB card)

  2. Move build files to /boot partition of card:

    • wpa_supplicant.conf (With valid network creds)
    • identity2.json (Pre-paired on
    • stt.json (Google Streaming STT Service key)
  3. Boot up device and move files to appropriate locations:

sudo mv /boot/wpa_supplicant.conf /etc/wpa_supplicant/
sudo mv /boot/identity2.json ~/.mycroft/identity/
sudo mv /boot/ .
  1. Connect to the internet
sudo wpa_cli -i wlan0 reconfigure
  1. Run setup (~12 min)
source ~/mycroft-core/.venv/bin/activate
bash 2>&1 | tee setup.log

Creating Image

  1. Create raw image
LINUX (/dev/sdX)
sudo dd if=/dev/sdc of=mark2pi-20190718-raw.img bs=20M

OSX (/dev/rdiskX)
sudo dd if=/dev/rdisk2 of=mark2pi-20190718-raw.img bs=20m
  1. (OSX) Run Ubuntu Docker container for steps 7 and 8, mounts the current working directory to /images in the Docker container.
docker run --privileged --rm -it -v ${PWD}:/images ubuntu:18.04
  1. PiShrink
apt-get update
apt-get install -y git parted zip
git clone
export PATH=/PiShrink/:${PATH}
cd /images mark2pi-20190718-raw.img mark2pi-20190718-shrink.img
  1. Zip
zip mark2pi-20190718-shrink.img

Files Documentation on going from Mark 1 to Mark 2 Pi. Script to set up Mark 2 Pi base image off of Mark I image. GitHub install. Script to set up Mark 2 Pi off of Mark II base image.

.bashrc Runs on startup. Bash config. The startup script for the device. Audio setup. Starts mycroft-core.

mycroft-wipe Prepares device for imaging. Resets wifi and pairing setup.

etc/mycroft/mycroft.conf System level configuration file.

etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf Wi-Fi config for Mycroft Wifi Setup

Flash 48kHz ReSpeaker Firmware

# Make sure virtual env is activate
source ~/mycroft-core/.venv/bin/activate

# Install Dependencies
pip install pyusb
pip install click

# Clone repo
git clone
cd usb_4_mic_array

# Flash 48k firmware with sudo priviledges. 
sudo $(which python) --download 48k_1_channel_firmware.bin

Update Core and Skills

Burn 10.18 to sd card with Balena Etcher (MacOS)

Boot Mark 2 Pi up and complete Wi-Fi setup

Complete pairing on Home with account with no devices (If Spotify / Pandora creds or other settings get pulled down from other device settings those need to be wiped, safer to use fresh blank Home account)

ssh in to the device

# Stop Mic Monitor
ps aux | grep mic # get pid
kill -9 {pid}

# Stop Core
~/mycroft-core/ all

# Update core
cd mycroft-core
git pull
CI=true ./

# Force Skills Update
rm /opt/mycroft/skills/.msm
~/mycroft-core/ all

# Confirm Skill Update Complete
tail -f /var/log/mycroft/skills.log # look for “Skill update complete” log.

# Wipe Wi-Fi creds, paired identity and logs
cd ~

Let’s be paranoid. Cat these files and ensure there are no credentials remaining: /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf /opt/mycroft/skills/mycroft-spotify.forslund/settings.json /opt/mycroft/skills/mycroft-pandora.mycroft/settings.json ~/.config/pianobar/*

       And also check that ~/.mycroft/identity2.json and /var/logs/mycroft/* have been removed.
history -c
history -w
sudo shutdown now

Follow image creation steps in repo

Update Mark 2 Pi Image

A quick update to the image will pull the latest for core with cd ~/mycroft-core && git pull and update the skills. This can be done by pairing the device and running python -m mycroft.messagebus.send skillmanager.update.


This repository holds the files, documentation and scripts for building Mark 2 Pi device images.



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