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Mycroft interface for Raspberry Pi environment
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It's Alive!

Lightning over Plexpod

Picroft - 2018-09-11 Stretch Lightning release

Picroft is an enclosure for a Raspberry Pi 3 or 3B+ connected to a speaker and microphone, bringing Mycroft to anyone who wants a simple voice interface they have complete control over. This is built on top of the official Raspbian Stretch Lite image.

The entire project is available as a pre-built micro-SD image ready to be burned and placed into a Raspberry Pi. You can download the pre-built image here:

Download img Picroft Stable 2018-09-12 image

SHA-256: 98f0a28127418277f0170a692e8a95cdf6b8cb6e679d026cb515dd697f4749fb

Download img Picroft Unstable 2018-12-17 image

SHA-256: 00b6a14a2b2df7ccf09e8c3af47bb9171283be42dc8f883ee0dc5367e19d3111

Optionally you can build it yourself by following the Recipe for building the image


  • Raspberry Pi 3 or 3B+
    Older Raspberry Pi versions do not have sufficient processing power, and if they work they will be very slow
  • Speaker
    Any analog speaker, or an HDMI monitor with speaker
  • Microphone
    Tested with: PlayStation Eye, Blue Snowball, Google AIY
  • 2.5 Amp or better power supply
    Don't skimp on this! It might appear to work, but you'll have weird issues with a cheapo supply.
  • MicroSD Card
    8 GB or larger
  • HDMI Monitor and keyboard, only required during setup


  1. Download and burn the image to the SD card.
    See the's guide to Installing Operating System Images for detailed instructions on how to burn an image to your SD card.
  2. Insert the SD card into your Raspberry Pi
  3. Connect speaker, microphone, monitor and keyboard
  4. Apply power
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to setup Picroft
  6. Follow the verbal prompts to pair your device to an account at Mycroft Home
  7. Talk to Mycroft and enjoy!


Simply speak to Picroft as you would to any Mycroft. For example:

"Hey Mycroft, what time is it?"
"Mycroft, how tall was Abraham Lincoln?"

Older Versions

Help and more info

To re-run the setup wizard, use mycroft-setup-wizard. Check out the Picroft wiki here.
There's also the general Documentation.


  • configures your specific audio setup.
  • is a stub meant to initialize anything before Mycroft starts. For example, initializing connected devices, or launching services.

Getting Help

There is an active Picroft community within the Mycroft's Mattermost chat which are welcome to join!


Q1) Why "Stretch Lightning"?

Because the image is built on Raspbian Stretch, and the lightning seen above was captured from the roof to building the night I started this rework.

Q2) Can I run this with a the Raspbian desktop GUI?

Sadly, not really. A Raspberry Pi is powerful, but still not well suited to do everything at once. You can add other basic services on top of Picroft, but the desktop GUI requires too many additional resources and neither Mycroft nor the GUI end up running well.

Q3) Can I run this with anything else?

Depends on what you want to add. Serving simple webpages or polling devices periodically is probably fine. Mining bitcoin won't.

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