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Please note that all Mycroft Documentation has now moved here.

This wiki is for coordinating work on the core Mycroft framework. Here you will find info on specific features and enhancements that would benefit the system as well as the history of the project.

Note that this focuses on mycroft-core. This might include references to specific related technologies, but only to the extent that is necessary to connect them to the core. For example, this wouldn't be the place to discuss adding SSML support to Mimic, but general caching of Text to Speech audio would be appropriate.

Anyone can edit this wiki — this is intentional to encourage community discussion. Don't stress if you aren't sure of yourself, nobody here is going to yell at you. We'd much rather you participate first, we'll help direct you if things get off track!


Listed here are tasks that could benefit the core Mycroft system. Not all of them are being worked on, some are just concepts and ideas that require refinement. But each task has its own page where you can

  • Learn more about it
  • See who is already thinking about and/or working on it
  • Share your thoughts and input
  • Sign up to tackle or help with it!

Wake up Word

Text to Speech Support


Skill Architecture

Skill API

API enhancements are roughly categorized here:

Context and Conversations

Wifi Setup


Legacy Shout Outs


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