Mycroft AI official Playback Control Skill - providing Intents for other Skills to use common playback functionality
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Playback Control

Common playback control system


This Skill doesn't do anything by itself, but it provides an important common language for audio playback skills. By handling simple phrases like 'pause', this one Skill can turn around and rebroadcast the messagebus command, allowing several music services to share common terminology such as "pause".

Additionally, this implements the common Play handler. This allows playback services to negotiate which is best suited to play back a specific request. This capability is used by the Spotify and Pandora Skills, among others.


  • "Play my summer playlist"
  • "Play Pandora"
  • "Pause"
  • "Resume"
  • "Next song"
  • "Next track"
  • "Previous track"
  • "Previous song"


Mycroft AI (@MycroftAI)




#music #play #playback #pause #resume #next #system