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An R package for de novo discovery of enriched DNA motifs (e.g. TFBS)


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MotifFinder: Find enriched motifs in a set of DNA sequences

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By Simon Myers, Nicolas Altemose & Daniel Wells

This is an R package for finding enriched motifs in a set of DNA sequences using an iterative Gibbs sampler described in Altemose et al. eLife 2017.

Installation & Usage

# install.packages("remotes")


# simulate set of sequences enriched for a motif
simulated_sequences <- simulate_sequences(motif="ATgTT_GtCC")

# run MotifFinder
motif_found <- findamotif(simulated_sequences, len=7)

# visualise the motif found

For more detailed examples of how to use this package please see the vignette.

This code is ported from the original at

If you use this program, please cite Altemose et al. eLife 2017.

This is free software shared in the hope it may be of use; no warranty is given or implied.