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Mylyn Repository connector for MantisBT

The Mylyn connector for MantisBT is an Eclipse Plugin which allows you to manage your bugs straight from Eclipse.

Supported features include

  • creating and updating tasks;
  • synchronizing tasks;
  • commenting;
  • uploading and downloading attachments.


The recommended way of installing it using the Mylyn connector discovery.

You can also manually add the update site at or download a zipped update site from the files section on the page .

The connector is also available for installation from the Eclipse Marketplace.

You might want to download and install a version with recent changes before it is released. To do that, please visit our Continuous Integration instance hosted by Pick the most recent successful job and download the update site zip from the artifacts tab ( direct link).


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Our Troubleshooting page lists common errors which occur and possible solutions. If you do not find a solution , please use the forums to ask questions or the bug tracker to report problems.


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Mylyn-Mantis is using the TeamCity hosted CI instance provided by Code Better.

The Mylyn-Mantis build artifacts are signed by a certificate provided by Certum as part of their open source offering.

Mylyn-Mantis is using the Sonar open source quality management platform developed and managed by SonarSource.


Mylyn Connector for MantisBT ( Eclipse Plugin )