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Bachmann M1 CN for Lua scripting or as p+ Target
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Bachmann M1

Bachmann M1 CN for Lua scripting or as p+ target.

Copy the BachmannCardImage/APP folder to the Bachmann memory card APP folder. Extend the mconfig.ini file on the target Bachmann with the contens of the BachmannCardImage/mconfig.ini

Lua scripting

For the Lua scription please look here: CN für BachmannM1


The PPV2 folder library is part of the p+ simulation software.

To install the block library please look here: Install blocks

To use the BachmannM1 injector copy the BachmannM1.lua file to ...\Resources\Remote\BachmannM1.lua

Bachmann M1 PLC ist ein Produkt der Firma Bachman

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