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Remote/ESP8266 NodeMCU

PPV2 ESP8266

This library is part of the P+ simulation software.

ESP8266 NodeMCU GPIO block and injector.

To install the block library please look here: Install blocks. Copy only the folder ´ESP8266´!

  1. To install the remote target copy the files in folder Resources in the Resources of the P+ folder.
  2. Visit the NodeMCU custom builds page and build a custom image. Let the preselected modules checked. Add more if you need.
  3. Or use the privited nodemcu-master-7-modules-2018-03-06-06-04-14-float.bin
  4. Download and use CH34x_Install_Windows_v3_4.EXE to flash the new firmware

❗️ You must have a level 2 licence for P+ to enable remote target injection.