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The third rewrite of delta bot
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Antoine Pham
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DB3 - Delta Bot 3 Build Status


The third rewrite of DeltaBot, created for This bot will run CMV's delta system, and is written in NodeJS.


  • Any contributions are much appreciated.
  • If there is an issue you plan to work on, please comment on it and we'll add the "in progress" label to prevent double work.
  • Please keep your commits specific to one task.
  • Put the issue number in your commit message if it is associated with one.
  • Commit messages should follow the Angular commit guidelines.
  • Before submitting any pull request, ensure that npm test passes with no errors.
  • We have a slack chat ( You're welcome to join us by signing up here:

Commit Message Guidelines

We have very precise rules over how our git commit messages can be formatted. This leads to more readable messages that are easy to follow when looking through the project history.

Commit Message Format

Each commit message consists of a header, a body and a footer. The header has a special format that includes a type, a scope and a subject:

<type>(<scope>): <subject>

The header is mandatory and the scope of the header is optional.

Any line of the commit message cannot be longer 100 characters! This allows the message to be easier to read on GitHub as well as in various git tools.

Footer should contain a closing reference to an issue if any.

Samples: (even more samples)

docs(changelog): update change log to beta.5
fix(release): need to depend on latest rxjs and zone.js

The version in our package.json gets copied to the one we publish, and users need the latest of these.


If the commit reverts a previous commit, it should begin with revert: , followed by the header of the reverted commit. In the body it should say: This reverts commit <hash>., where the hash is the SHA of the commit being reverted.


Must be one of the following:

  • build: Changes that affect the build system or external dependencies (example scopes: gulp, broccoli, npm)
  • ci: Changes to our CI configuration files and scripts (example scopes: Travis, Circle, BrowserStack, SauceLabs)
  • docs: Documentation only changes
  • feat: A new feature
  • fix: A bug fix
  • perf: A code change that improves performance
  • refactor: A code change that neither fixes a bug nor adds a feature
  • style: Changes that do not affect the meaning of the code (white-space, formatting, missing semi-colons, etc)
  • test: Adding missing tests or correcting existing tests

How to build

  1. Download nvm. Mac/Linux: Windows:
  2. git clone
  3. cd delta-bot-three
  4. Mac/Linux: nvm install Windows: Look inside the .nvmrc folder to find the version. EX: 5.8.0 is the version. nvm install 5.8.0 && nvm use 5.8.0
  5. Create a subreddit. After creation, ensure that "mod editing" for the subreddit's wiki is enabled, and make your bot account a moderator for the subreddit.
  6. Get a Reddit API key by going to => create another app => The bot account be a developer of the app.
  7. Create a credentials.json that looks like below in ./config/credentials folder.
  8. Create a config.json that looks like below in ./config folder.
  9. npm i
  10. Run npm run start-debug or npm start and it should work.

credentials.json (example)

  "username": "DeltaBot3",
  "password": "PASSWORDHERE",
  "clientID": "CLIENTID",
  "clientSecret": "CLIENTSECRET",

config.json (example)

  "subreddit": "YOURnewSUBREDDIThere",


A special thanks to everyone who contributed

Please add yourself to this list if you've contributed:


The first three months ✓

  • Rewrite what DeltaBot currently does and migrate all old data over.


  • Make DeltaBot automatically rescan edited comments #4.
  • Act on edits made within 3 minutes of commenting #139.
  • Solve the missing deltas issue #119.
  • Implement first-time-delta PMs #14.
  • Yearly Deltaboard #36.
  • All-Time Deltaboard #34.
  • /r/DeltaLog #17.
  • DeltaBot's Stickied Comment #89.
  • Admin Interface #38.
  • The remaining issues in any order:
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