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Simple Non Code License (SNCL)
Version 2.3.0
Copyright © 2016-2018 Alexandre Quoniou
The original creator(s) of the data or text under this license is thereby called the licensor.
The physical or juridical person obtaining a copy of the data or text under this license is thereby called the licensee.
The data, source code or text under this license is therefore called the object.
1. The licensee's rights and obligations
1.1. The licensee has the right to obtain a free copy of the object.
1.2. It is the right of the licensee to redistribute unaltered copies of the object although commercial use is utterly forbidden (except with the original licensor's express written consent).
1.3. The licensee is given the right to adapt or modify the object to suit their needs and to redistribute the modified version subject to the following conditions:
1.3.1. You must add the following notice in any copy of the object that you may create: Originally written by {Licensor} in {Year of Creation}.
1.3.2. You must not remove the license information (e.g., a header in source code) present in the object.
1.3.3. The modified version of the object is subjected to the clauses 1.1 and 1.2 of this license.
1.3.3. You must include the following notice in any object-modified copies you redistribute: This document or data is a derivative of {Name of the object} and the information contained here may or may not represent the original document or data.
1.3.4. You must include this license along with any object-modified copies you redistribute.
1.3.5. In case of juridical issues that may arise from licensee edits the licensee is liable instead of the licensor.
2. Liability of the licensor and of the licensee
2.1. The licensor offers the object as-is and as-available, and makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the object. Thus, the licensor is not liable for any use made of the object.
2.2. The licensee only is liable for any juridical issue related to the use of the object, edited by third parties or not.
3. Termination
3.1. All of the clauses stated in section 1 are void if the licensee fails to accomplish their obligations established in section 1.
3.2. If the clause 3.1 becomes true the licensee must pay for any costs the licensor may have with juridical actions against him.
4. Other terms and conditions
4.1. The licensor shall not be bound by any additional or different terms or conditions communicated by the licensee unless expressly agreed.
4.2. The licensor has the right to edit at any time the content of this license, however, its effects will not be retroactive.
4.3. Any modification made by the licensor shall not affect the already published versions of the object, only the future ones.
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