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folha is a library for Arcadia development. It is not meant to be used for high performance games, instead focusing on allowing a developer to work quickly to build prototypes or low poly games.

folha is unstable, and in development, so because the library will be changing up a lot, I won't be providing too much documentation here, and I instead urge you to at least look at the names of the functions provided to you in the library. A lot of them emulate Unity as well as they can, and are just convinient, thin wrappers.

folha's biggest wins are the the function family, which allow you to ask for an object by its name, or by its reference. folha is built entirely on the, which means that for any function that expects an object reference, you can pass in a string instead. This is obviously inefficient, but totally adequate for relatively simple games.

folha also makes great use of the state functions it provides, which is my take on how to use Arcadia's Clojure state and hooks components. Mostly, I'm trying to directly emulate how Clojure does atoms, an abstraction I think is pretty okay, considering Unity is single threaded by design. There are a bunch of functions meant to sync in select bits of state from other components, that you can utilize as well. With this, it is possible to write updates of state from a single master component, that does a reduction, and then syncs in the remaining state.

For examples of usage, see the project I am developing in parellel with folha, Natureza.


An Arcadia utilities library inspired heavily by Joseph Parker's hard.core






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