Overwatch fan visual novel written in Clojurescript
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Symmetra's Qualifying Matches

Work on a free Overwatch fan game!

All characters and Overwatch belong to Blizzard.

Working with this (for collaborators)

Run it by opening Windows Powershell and then typing in

cd E:/Git/syms-qual
lein figwheel

Wait for it to run. A browser screen should pop up with the game running.

1. Open Sublime Text
2. Open the E:/Git/syms-qual folder
3. Navigate to src/syms-qual/data

To edit characters, go to characters.cljs.

To edit backgrounds, go to bg.cljs.

To edit levels, go to scenes/your_level_name.cljs.

Follow existing conventions, and be super careful with parentheses. Watch carefully for errors to pop up in the game screen, it means you did something wrong.

To change the scene you're working on, go to syms-qual/data.cljs, and modify the base state. Replace route-66 and diner with the appropriate things, being sure to keep the colon behind them.