Access MythTV Master Backend via SSH

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End of Life Notice:

Thanks for everyone that tested the MythTV Android Frontend project!

There will be no more development on it and a new MythTV Player For Android is now in development.

And for those that may think the new project will support Live TV, as of MythTV 0.28-pre, there is still no Services API interface for Live TV, so it still isn't possible.

MythTV Player for Android is going to focus solely on playing the media you have on your backend, forgoing all the rest of the frontend features that you would find on a traditional frontend.

Here is a short list of the goals for the project:

Recording Playback with no dependencies on external players
Video Playback with no dependencies on external players
Chromecast Support
Leanback interface for Android TV

You can follow the progress of the code here:

We are currently working out some minor layout issues and finalizing playback scenarios in the app and are hoping to release this for beta very soon.

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These instructions explain how to access a MythTV Master backend remotely over SSH without exposing it to the public internet.


  1. Enable SSH on the MythTV Master Backend
    • This is most likely already done.
  2. Enable SSH access on a home router
  3. Optional, setup an SSH Key Pair


  1. Enable SSH on the MythTV's distribution
    • This is specific to each distribution, so if SSH isn't setup, look up the relevant documentation, man ssh is probably a good start. If the distribution is Mythbuntu or LinHES this is probably already done.
  2. Enable SSH access on a home router
    • This is also specific to each router. Just be sure to setup the appropriate port forwarding for SSH traffic.
  3. Optionally, setup an SSH Key Pair, this should be completed on your client, not the MythTV Master Backend
    • Open a terminal and enter ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 1024
    • When prompted, enter a password if desired, or just press Enter through the remaining prompts.
    • Type ssh-copy-id <user>@<mythtv_master_backend>.
    • When prompted, enter the password for for the account on MythTV Master Backend.
  4. Now, by typing: ssh <user>@<mythtv_master_backend>, authentication will be handled via SSH Key Pairs

Post Configuration

These instructions are specific to each client. This example assumes use of the default MythTV Master Backend port of 6544 and the default MythTV Frontend port 6547. The second port is optional.

Accessing a MythTV Master Backend from any Linux computer outside of the home network

  1. On the computer, open a Terminal
  2. Enter cd ~/.ssh
  3. Edit the file config
    • If it doesn't exist, create it
  4. Add the following entries:
    Host <master_backend_hostname> (master_backend_hostname is a Dynamic DNS entry i.e.
    LocalForward 6544 localhost:6544
    LocalForward 6547 localhost:6547 (optional)
  5. ssh into the MythTV Master Backend and leave the window open.
  6. Open a web browser, enter http://localhost:6544 into the address bar.
    • The features of the MythTV Master Backend can now be accessed, including APIs for all of the MythServices running on the backend
  7. Open a web browser, enter http://localhost:6547 into the address bar.
    • Information about the Frontend running on that box can be seen.

Accessing a MythTV Master Backend from an Android device outside of the home network via ConnectBot

  1. Install ConnectBot
  2. Setup an SSH connection to the MythTV Master Backend
    •, replace with your Dynamic DNS entry
  3. Once connected, press the Menu button and select Port Forwards
    • Setup a Local Port Forward for port 6544 to localhost:6544
  4. Open MythTV for Android
    • Click Preferences
    • Create a new Away Profile
    • Choose a Name and enter http://localhost:6544/ for the address

You can now connect MythTV Android Frontend to your MythTV Master Backend while not on your home network.