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End of Life Notice:

Thanks for everyone that tested the MythTV Android Frontend project!

There will be no more development on it and a new MythTV Player For Android is now in development.

And for those that may think the new project will support Live TV, as of MythTV 0.28-pre, there is still no Services API interface for Live TV, so it still isn't possible.

MythTV Player for Android is going to focus solely on playing the media you have on your backend, forgoing all the rest of the frontend features that you would find on a traditional frontend.

Here is a short list of the goals for the project:

Recording Playback with no dependencies on external players
Video Playback with no dependencies on external players
Chromecast Support
Leanback interface for Android TV

You can follow the progress of the code here: https://github.com/MythTV-Clients/MythtvPlayerForAndroid

We are currently working out some minor layout issues and finalizing playback scenarios in the app and are hoping to release this for beta very soon.

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MythTV Android Frontend Translations (I18N)

The project welcomes users willing to translate the strings used in the application.

The followins steps are recommended:

  1. Check GitHub for existing translations
    • Look for directories under the above like: values-de (the German translations)
    • Under the directory, look for a file named strings.xml
  2. Check for
  3. If there are no existing translations or history of plans to create them,
    • Create a new issue
    • For the Title, use "Add <new language> translation"
    • A developer will set the translations Label
    • This will track the submission and alert others that it's in progress
    • By using the issues list, contributors can talk to others, perhaps splitting the job of translating in half...

Submitting the new (or updated) translations

There are two ways to submit translations work:

  1. In GitHub, create a fork (preferred)
    • Complete the translation in the private copy of strings.xml
    • Issue a Pull Request
  2. Get a copy of strings.xml, the default translations file
    • Using any editing tool (that supports the character set of interest,) complete the translation
    • Paste the new strings.xml file to the newly created issue

A developer will merge the new translation with the official source.

And most important, thanks for helping the MythTV Android Frontend project!!!