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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<window name="appearance">
<!-- Optional Items -->
<imagetype name="topbar" from="basetopbar" />
<textarea name="heading" from="baseheading">
<value>Appearance Wizard</value>
<shape name="pagebg" from="basegreenbg">
<textarea name="part1" from="basetextarea">
<value>Move the selected arrow to the corner of the TV screen. Press SELECT to edit the other arrow. Press MENU for options and ESC to quit.</value>
<!-- Required Items -->
<imagetype name="topleft">
<imagetype name="bottomright">
<textarea name="size" from="basetextarea">
<textarea name="offsets" from="size">
<textarea name="changeamount" from="size">
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