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Robert SIEBERT Updated changelog
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04.05.2016 - Version 1.12
Added patches from lomion0815 git repository
Pre-mask background watermarks to reduce loading time
20.10.2013 - Version 1.11
Feature #380: Remove the MusicTagEncoding setting
Feature #381: Add discrete notification popup
Feature #383: Add more info to the MythMetadataResults popup
04.04.2013 - Version 1.10
Feature #265: Check usability of a scrollbar widget
Feature #315: List required patches
Feature #358: Change recording processing icons
Feature #359: Remove the Set Recording Priorities screen
Feature #374: Remove the Delete Recordings screen
Feature #375: Remove theme references to the defunct Set Recording Priorities screen
Feature #376: Update the Screen Setup Wizard
Feature #377: Specify text scrolling speed
31.10.2012 - Version 1.9
Bug #311: Increase date width
Bug #312: Change video background image brightness
Bug #313: Missing background images
Bug #316: Typo in watch recording description
Bug #317: Add mythmusic dependency to the main menu
Bug #318: Show cutpoints in the OSD
Bug #319: Incorrect button names in setup wizard
Bug #320: Text is cut off in setup wizard
Bug #323: Delete recording screen widget misplacement
Bug #336: Planning screen with EPG and video has misalignments
Feature #147: Add damaged video property for poor recordings
Feature #203: Add nightmode indication to OSD
Feature #275: Add media type as a statetype to the OSD
Feature #321: Change textcolor of upcoming recordings
Feature #338: Add missing statetypes to OSD
Feature #339: Some audio icons are hard to distinguish
01.08.2012 - Version 1.8
Reworked the entire theme and all available screens. These are the most important changes:
- Identical spacing and alignment of the shapes and widgets throughout the theme
- The button images were replaced by shapes
- A lot of new icons and background images
- The image folder structure has been improved (more reuse and better structure)
- Widgets that are used multiple times were outsources into the base files
- All widgets have rounded corners
- The transparency of the images is now centrally defined in the base.xml file
- Removed a lot of unused definitions
- Over 95% of the MythTV screens are fully themed
(Changelog taken from the internal bugtracker and additional information)
Feature #307: Schedule editor flexibility and other enhancements
Feature #306: Add a button to reset the database on the music settings page
Feature #305: Add a button to show the file browser in the music settings
Feature #299: Improve mythmusic gallery screen
Feature #293: Change some strings in the audiowizard window
Feature #291: Remove music icons in the playlist window
Feature #286: Add new music nodetype statetype to the playlist tree
Feature #264: Add dependants to some widgets
Feature #208: Add a new popup for inputting time and/or date values
Feature #207: Add a standby mode screen
Feature #206: Remove the timepopup screen
Feature #205: Increase reusability by using group definitions
Feature #200: Remove unused mythmusic screen definitions
Feature #199: Port the mythmusic settings pages to MythUI
Feature #190: Add remaining new mythmusic screens
Feature #132: Add background images
Feature #58: Add icons to OSD browser
Feature #57: Better icons in volume control dialog
Feature #45: Miniplayer song information
Feature #40: Better processing icons in recording screen.
Feature #39: Improve icons in busy dialog
Feature #10: Improve video icon for mythgallery plugin
Bug #297: Wrong button position and alignment
Bug #292: Program guide is not aligned
Bug #204: Fix alignment issues when using relative positions
Bug #189: Improve mythimage image details screen
Bug #141: Fix xml validation errors
13.01.2012 - Version 1.7
(Changelog taken from the internal bugtracker)
Bug #185: Severeal issues in the import music screen
Bug #188: Wrong arrow position in scheduled recordings screen
Feature #168: Show the image details in the mythimage slideshow screen
Feature #186: Add the new mythmusic screens from the default-wide theme
23.12.2011 - Version 1.6
(Changelog taken from the internal bugtracker)
Bug #84: Sort by title crashes theme
Bug #85: Wrong text label for user jobs
Bug #88: OSD is truncating channel numbers
Bug #129: Truncated date and channel text
Bug #130: Date too short in old recordings screen
Bug #131: Misaligned cursor in textedit
Bug #135: Fix for missing genres in video detail window
Bug #136: Add classification rating to video gallery
Bug #137: Fix various text overflows on OSD
Bug #167: Text overlapping in OSD program_info screen
Bug #170: Wrong keys assigned to certain triggerevents
Feature #77: Add editing description in Watch Recordings
Feature #79: Add hardware profiler screen to the setup wizard screens
Feature #89: Add a new playback debugging OSD window
Feature #90: Add the schedulefiltereditor screen
Feature #91: Add new Schedule Editor UI
Feature #92: Add CPU utilisation monitoring to OSD
Feature #93: Add the newly converted metadata editor
Feature #94: Add widget to disable Artwork updates
Feature #95: Add MythMetadataResults screen
Feature #95: Add the metadataoptions screen
Feature #95: Add the editmetadata screen
Feature #95: Add the metadatalookup checkbox to the postproceditor window
Feature #96: Fix display of recording start date
Feature #97: Add mythgallery filtering/sorting window
Feature #98: Add the dailyupdates checkbox to the grabbersettings screen
Feature #101: Add recording progressbar to OSD screens
Feature #140: Add action bindings in button lists (triggerevents)
Feature #145: Add more information to the other video screens like genres, ratings and aligned them
Feature #146: Add schedule filters button