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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- This is the name of your theme as will be displayed in the theme selection menu. -->
<name>Blue Abstract</name>
<!-- This is the aspect ratio of your theme. -->
<!-- Information about the author -->
<name>Robert Siebert</name>
<!-- defines what type of theme this is. There are three eligible types, UI, OSD, and menu.
UI themes are overall myth themes. OSD themes govern the on-screen display during video playback.
Menu themes define the tree structure of Myth's menus. A theme can contain multiple types
(UI and OSD, UI and menu, etc.) and thus there can be multiple <type> definitions. -->
<!-- This is the value that myth uses to parse all the coordinates in your theme. It is the number of
coordinates you are giving yourself to work with and the resolution you are targeting with your theme -->
<!-- define the Major and Minor version numbers of your theme.-->
<!-- Defines an image in your theme directory to act as a preview and also some information about the theme -->
<thumbnail name="preview">preview.png</thumbnail>
<description>Blue-abstract is a modern looking theme meant for widescreen HD displays. The blue background and the consistent layout makes it an attractive and elegant looking theme. It also contains a custom menu.</description>