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Ansible playbooks to setup MythTV dependencies and buildslaves
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Ansible Playbooks for MythTV

These are ansible playbooks for setting up MythTV buildslaves. They can also be used to install all the necessary packages if you wish to build MythTV from source.

First you need to clone the playbooks:

git clone

Debian users running Wheezy will need to enable wheezy-backports Jessie or later is recommended for 0.28 and above.

Install the ansible package

Then install the ansible package. Choose the one appropriate for your distro

Distro Command
Archlinux pacman -S ansible python2
Centos yum install ansible
Debian (and derivatives) apt-get install ansible
Fedora dnf install ansible
FreeBSD pkg install py27-ansible
OpenSuse zypper install ansible

Run the playbooks

Then run the playbooks as follows.

Please note archlinux users will need to add --limit archlinux to these commands Alternate hosts files are provided for archlinux and freebsd users, as these platforms have different python requirements. Please replace hosts, with the appropriate filename.

For a normal development system:

ansible-playbook -i hosts qt5.yml

For a buildslave system:

ansible-playbook -i hosts buildslave.yml

Other Platforms

We welcome contributions to support additional platforms. Please contact the developers if you are interested in this.

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