Latest commit e5df186 Feb 27, 2012 @sphery sphery Remove content from myththemes repository.
Remove all content from the MythTV/myththemes repository.  All active
themes (and one archived theme) have been moved to the MythTV-Themes
project on github ( ), where theme
authors and maintainers can be given push/pull access to the themes for
maintenance and enhancement.

With the Theme Chooser functionality in mythfrontend, users should
generally be finding and installing MythTV themes "directly" from inside
mythfrontend, rather than finding and installing themes via a
distro-provided package repository.  Doing so has benefits of a) showing
all known-working MythTV themes for the version of MythTV in use, b)
providing notifications to the user when a theme update is released, c)
only downloading and installing those themes the user actually wants to
use, d) providing a single location for users to find all available
themes, and probably more.  Therefore, packagers no longer need to make
additional myththemes type packages available.

Users whose systems are not connected to the Internet or who want to
monitor exactly what is downloaded and when can still download and
install themes individually, but will need to do so from the theme's new
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The MythTV/myththemes repository is no longer active.

Active themes have been moved to for
maintenance by theme authors and maintainers.

Users looking for MythTV themes should use the Theme Chooser to find and
install those themes. The Theme Chooser is available in mythfrontend setup,
and makes all known-working themes available, regardless of where those themes
are hosted.