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#ifndef SCHEDULER_H_
#define SCHEDULER_H_
// C++ headers
#include <deque>
#include <vector>
using namespace std;
// Qt headers
#include <QWaitCondition>
#include <QObject>
#include <QString>
#include <QMutex>
#include <QMap>
#include <QSet>
// MythTV headers
#include "filesysteminfo.h"
#include "recordinginfo.h"
#include "remoteutil.h"
#include "inputgroupmap.h"
#include "mythdeque.h"
#include "mythscheduler.h"
#include "mthread.h"
#include "scheduledrecording.h"
class EncoderLink;
class MainServer;
class AutoExpire;
class Scheduler;
class Scheduler : public MThread, public MythScheduler
Scheduler(bool runthread, QMap<int, EncoderLink *> *tvList,
QString recordTbl = "record", Scheduler *master_sched = NULL);
void Stop(void);
void Wait(void) { MThread::wait(); }
void SetExpirer(AutoExpire *autoExpirer) { m_expirer = autoExpirer; }
void Reschedule(const QStringList &request);
void RescheduleMatch(uint recordid, uint sourceid, uint mplexid,
const QDateTime &maxstarttime, const QString &why)
{ Reschedule(ScheduledRecording::BuildMatchRequest(recordid, sourceid,
mplexid, maxstarttime, why)); };
void RescheduleCheck(const RecordingInfo &recinfo, const QString &why)
{ Reschedule(ScheduledRecording::BuildCheckRequest(recinfo, why)); };
void ReschedulePlace(const QString &why)
{ Reschedule(ScheduledRecording::BuildPlaceRequest(why)); };
void AddRecording(const RecordingInfo&);
void FillRecordListFromDB(uint recordid = 0);
void FillRecordListFromMaster(void);
void UpdateRecStatus(RecordingInfo *pginfo);
void UpdateRecStatus(uint cardid, uint chanid,
const QDateTime &startts, RecStatusType recstatus,
const QDateTime &recendts);
// Returns a list of all pending recordings and returns
// true iff there are conflicts
bool GetAllPending(RecList &retList) const;
virtual void GetAllPending(QStringList &strList) const;
virtual QMap<QString,ProgramInfo*> GetRecording(void) const;
static void GetAllScheduled(QStringList &strList);
static void GetAllScheduled(RecList &proglist);
void getConflicting(RecordingInfo *pginfo, QStringList &strlist);
void getConflicting(RecordingInfo *pginfo, RecList *retlist);
void PrintList(bool onlyFutureRecordings = false)
{ PrintList(reclist, onlyFutureRecordings); };
void PrintList(RecList &list, bool onlyFutureRecordings = false);
void PrintRec(const RecordingInfo *p, const char *prefix = NULL);
void SetMainServer(MainServer *ms);
void SlaveConnected(RecordingList &slavelist);
void SlaveDisconnected(uint cardid);
void DisableScheduling(void) { schedulingEnabled = false; }
void EnableScheduling(void) { schedulingEnabled = true; }
void GetNextLiveTVDir(uint cardid);
void ResetIdleTime(void);
bool WasStartedAutomatically();
RecStatusType GetRecStatus(const ProgramInfo &pginfo);
int GetError(void) const { return error; }
virtual void run(void); // MThread
QString recordTable;
QString priorityTable;
bool VerifyCards(void);
void CreateTempTables(void);
void DeleteTempTables(void);
void UpdateDuplicates(void);
bool FillRecordList(void);
void UpdateMatches(uint recordid, uint sourceid, uint mplexid,
const QDateTime maxstarttime);
void UpdateManuals(uint recordid);
void BuildWorkList(void);
bool ClearWorkList(void);
void AddNewRecords(void);
void AddNotListed(void);
void BuildNewRecordsQueries(uint recordid, QStringList &from,
QStringList &where, MSqlBindings &bindings);
void PruneOverlaps(void);
void BuildListMaps(void);
void ClearListMaps(void);
bool IsBusyRecording(const RecordingInfo *rcinfo);
bool IsSameProgram(const RecordingInfo *a, const RecordingInfo *b) const;
bool FindNextConflict(const RecList &cardlist,
const RecordingInfo *p, RecConstIter &iter,
int openEnd = 0) const;
const RecordingInfo *FindConflict(const RecordingInfo *p, int openEnd = 0)
void MarkOtherShowings(RecordingInfo *p);
void MarkShowingsList(RecList &showinglist, RecordingInfo *p);
void BackupRecStatus(void);
void RestoreRecStatus(void);
bool TryAnotherShowing(RecordingInfo *p, bool samePriority,
bool preserveLive = false);
void SchedNewRecords(void);
void MoveHigherRecords(bool move_this = true);
void SchedPreserveLiveTV(void);
void PruneRedundants(void);
void UpdateNextRecord(void);
bool ChangeRecordingEnd(RecordingInfo *oldp, RecordingInfo *newp);
bool CheckShutdownServer(int prerollseconds, QDateTime &idleSince,
bool &blockShutdown);
void ShutdownServer(int prerollseconds, QDateTime &idleSince);
void PutInactiveSlavesToSleep(void);
bool WakeUpSlave(QString slaveHostname, bool setWakingStatus = true);
void WakeUpSlaves(void);
int FillRecordingDir(const QString &title,
const QString &hostname,
const QString &storagegroup,
const QDateTime &recstartts,
const QDateTime &recendts,
uint cardid,
QString &recording_dir,
const RecList &reclist);
void FillDirectoryInfoCache(bool force = false);
int CalcTimeToNextHandleRecordingEvent(
const QDateTime &curtime,
RecConstIter startIter, const RecList &reclist,
int prerollseconds, int max_sleep /*ms*/);
void OldRecordedFixups(void);
void ResetDuplicates(uint recordid, uint findid, const QString &title,
const QString &subtitle, const QString &descrip,
const QString &programid);
bool HandleReschedule(void);
bool HandleRunSchedulerStartup(
int prerollseconds, int idleWaitForRecordingTime);
void HandleWakeSlave(RecordingInfo &ri, int prerollseconds);
bool HandleRecording(
RecordingInfo &ri, bool &statuschanged,
int prerollseconds, int tuningTimeout);
void HandleTuning(
RecordingInfo &ri, bool &statuschanged, int tuningTimeout);
void HandleRecordingStatusChange(
RecordingInfo &ri, RecStatusTypes recStatus, const QString &details);
void HandleIdleShutdown(
bool &blockShutdown, QDateTime &idleSince, int prerollseconds,
int idleTimeoutSecs, int idleWaitForRecordingTime,
bool &statuschanged);
void EnqueueMatch(uint recordid, uint sourceid, uint mplexid,
const QDateTime maxstarttime, const QString &why)
{ reschedQueue.enqueue(ScheduledRecording::BuildMatchRequest(recordid,
sourceid, mplexid, maxstarttime, why)); };
void EnqueueCheck(const RecordingInfo &recinfo, const QString &why)
{ reschedQueue.enqueue(ScheduledRecording::BuildCheckRequest(recinfo,
why)); };
void EnqueuePlace(const QString &why)
{ reschedQueue.enqueue(ScheduledRecording::BuildPlaceRequest(why)); };
MythDeque<QStringList> reschedQueue;
mutable QMutex schedLock;
QMutex recordmatchLock;
QWaitCondition reschedWait;
RecList reclist;
RecList worklist;
RecList retrylist;
RecList conflictlist;
QMap<uint, RecList> recordidlistmap;
QMap<QString, RecList> titlelistmap;
InputGroupMap igrp;
QDateTime schedTime;
bool reclist_changed;
bool specsched;
bool schedMoveHigher;
bool schedulingEnabled;
QMap<int, bool> schedAfterStartMap;
QMap<int, EncoderLink *> *m_tvList;
AutoExpire *m_expirer;
QMap<QString, bool> recPendingList;
bool doRun;
MainServer *m_mainServer;
QMutex resetIdleTime_lock;
bool resetIdleTime;
bool m_isShuttingDown;
MSqlQueryInfo dbConn;
QDateTime fsInfoCacheFillTime;
QMap<QString, FileSystemInfo> fsInfoCache;
int error;
QSet<QString> sysEvents[4];
// Try to avoid LiveTV sessions until this time
QDateTime livetvTime;
int livetvpriority;
int prefinputpri;
QMap<QString, bool> hasLaterList;
// cache IsSameProgram()
typedef pair<const RecordingInfo*,const RecordingInfo*> IsSameKey;
typedef QMap<IsSameKey,bool> IsSameCacheType;
mutable IsSameCacheType cache_is_same_program;
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