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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Name:
# Python Library
# Author: Raymond Wagner
# Purpose: Provide authentication and session services for
# calls against the TMDB v3 API
from datetime import datetime as _pydatetime, \
tzinfo as _pytzinfo
import re
class datetime( _pydatetime ):
"""Customized datetime class with ISO format parsing."""
_reiso = re.compile('(?P<year>[0-9]{4})'
class _tzinfo( _pytzinfo):
def __init__(self, direc='+', hr=0, min=0):
if direc == '-':
hr = -1*int(hr)
self._offset = timedelta(hours=int(hr), minutes=int(min))
def utcoffset(self, dt): return self._offset
def tzname(self, dt): return ''
def dst(self, dt): return timedelta(0)
def fromIso(cls, isotime, sep='T'):
match = cls._reiso.match(isotime)
if match is None:
raise TypeError("time data '%s' does not match ISO 8601 format" \
% isotime)
dt = [int(a) for a in match.groups()[:5]]
if'sec') is not None:
if'tz') == 'Z':
tz = cls._tzinfo()
tz = cls._tzinfo(*'tzdirec','tzhour','tzmin'))
tz = cls._tzinfo(*'tzdirec','tzhour'))
return cls(*dt)
from request import Request
from tmdb_exceptions import *
syssession = None
def set_session(sessionid):
global syssession
syssession = Session(sessionid)
def get_session(sessionid=None):
global syssession
if sessionid:
return Session(sessionid)
elif syssession is not None:
return syssession
class Session( object ):
def new(cls):
return cls(None)
def __init__(self, sessionid):
self.sessionid = sessionid
def sessionid(self):
if self._sessionid is None:
if self._authtoken is None:
raise TMDBError("No Auth Token to produce Session for")
# TODO: check authtokenexpiration against current time
req = Request('authentication/session/new', \
req.lifetime = 0
dat = req.readJSON()
if not dat['success']:
raise TMDBError("Session generation failed")
self._sessionid = dat['session_id']
return self._sessionid
def sessionid(self, value):
self._sessionid = value
self._authtoken = None
self._authtokenexpiration = None
if value is None:
self.authenticated = False
self.authenticated = True
def authtoken(self):
if self.authenticated:
raise TMDBError("Session is already authenticated")
if self._authtoken is None:
req = Request('authentication/token/new')
req.lifetime = 0
dat = req.readJSON()
if not dat['success']:
raise TMDBError("Auth Token request failed")
self._authtoken = dat['request_token']
self._authtokenexpiration = datetime.fromIso(dat['expires_at'])
return self._authtoken
def callbackurl(self):
return ""+self._authtoken
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