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Release 0.14
This is what you need, software wise, to have installed:
libttf - Freetype 2 is now required (it used to only be able to use
freetype 1). I _think_ any release will work, but I'm using 2.1.2.
This is used for the on-screen display. Get it from your distro,
or from
libmp3lame - The shared library for the LAME mp3 encoder. This might become
optional in the future, or I may switch to vorbis if they speed
optimize things a little more. Compressing the audio's not
_really_ necessary, it just saves 500 or so MB per hour of
recording. You'll probably have to compile this one yourself,
so get it from
QT - Version 3.1 or greater is strongly recommended. MythTV will probably
compile with version 3.0, but there are known to be bugs in that version which can crash MythTV. Again, the best way to get this is from your
distro. You need it compiled threadsafe version, and the mysql
bindings as well. I'm using version 3.1.1.
MySQL - You need this setup and working. A recent version, I think, would
be best. I don't know, though, I'm utterly new to it. Get it from
your distro, or from
XMLTV - You need at the latest version (0.5.25 at the time of this writing).
This will do the work of actually grabbing the program information.
Get it from:
See the mythtv-HOWTO.html or mythtv-HOWTO.txt file in the docs/ subdirectory
or on for in-depth instructions on installing and
compiling mythtv and all of the pre-requisites. It has instructions for various
linux distributions.
You also need v4l setup and working properly. If xawtv works (in grabdisplay
mode and with xv), this should, too.
Hardware wise, you need a computer. Really. Helps to have a fast one, too.
You also need a video card with working Xv support (to scale and convert
colorspaces), and a TV tuner card. If you're using ALSA for sound support
(which _is_ the recommended thing to do), you should be using version 0.9, not
See the UPGRADING file for information on upgrading between releases.
Compiling and setup instructions are all in the documentation in the docs/
subdir (or at ) these days. Read those carefully.
keys.txt has a listing of all the various default key bindings. All keybindings
can be changed via MythWeb.
If you want to check out the theme format, and perhaps make your own, just
look at the .xml files in the /usr/local/share/mythtv/themes/[themename]
Feel free to subscribe to the development mailing list at:
A users list exists as well, subscrube at:
A list that's restricted to the CVS commit messages is available at:
or, just email me directly: Isaac Richards <>