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#define BD_BLOCK_SIZE 6144LL
#include <QString>
#include <QRect>
#include "libmythbluray/bluray.h"
#include "libmythbluray/keys.h"
#include "ringbuffer.h"
#include "mythmiscutil.h"
/** \class BDRingBufferPriv
* \brief RingBuffer class for Blu-rays
* A class to allow a RingBuffer to read from BDs.
class BDOverlay
static void DeleteOverlay(BDOverlay *overlay)
if (!overlay)
if (overlay->m_data)
if (overlay->m_palette)
delete overlay;
overlay = NULL;
BDOverlay(uint8_t *data, uint8_t *palette, QRect position, int plane,
int64_t pts)
: m_data(data), m_palette(palette), m_position(position),
m_plane(plane), m_pts(pts) { }
uint8_t *m_data;
uint8_t *m_palette;
QRect m_position;
int m_plane;
int64_t m_pts;
class MTV_PUBLIC BDRingBuffer : public RingBuffer
BDRingBuffer(const QString &lfilename);
virtual ~BDRingBuffer();
virtual bool IsStreamed(void) { return true; }
void ProgressUpdate(void);
// Player interaction
bool BDWaitingForPlayer(void) { return m_playerWait; }
void SkipBDWaitingForPlayer(void) { m_playerWait = false; }
virtual void IgnoreWaitStates(bool ignore) { m_ignorePlayerWait = ignore; }
virtual bool StartFromBeginning(void);
bool GetNameAndSerialNum(QString& _name, QString& _serialnum);
void ClearOverlays(void);
BDOverlay* GetOverlay(void);
void SubmitOverlay(const bd_overlay_s * const overlay);
uint32_t GetNumTitles(void) const { return m_numTitles; }
int GetCurrentTitle(void);
uint64_t GetCurrentAngle(void) const { return m_currentAngle; }
int GetTitleDuration(int title);
// Get the size in bytes of the current title (playlist item).
uint64_t GetTitleSize(void) const { return m_titlesize; }
// Get The total duration of the current title in 90Khz ticks.
uint64_t GetTotalTimeOfTitle(void) const { return (m_currentTitleLength / 90000); }
uint64_t GetCurrentTime(void) { return (m_currentTime / 90000); }
virtual long long GetReadPosition(void) const; // RingBuffer
uint64_t GetTotalReadPosition(void);
uint32_t GetNumChapters(void);
uint32_t GetCurrentChapter(void);
uint64_t GetNumAngles(void) { return m_currentTitleAngleCount; }
uint64_t GetChapterStartTime(uint32_t chapter);
uint64_t GetChapterStartFrame(uint32_t chapter);
bool IsOpen(void) const { return bdnav; }
bool IsHDMVNavigation(void) const { return m_isHDMVNavigation; }
virtual bool IsInMenu(void) const { return m_inMenu; }
virtual bool IsInStillFrame(void) const;
bool TitleChanged(void);
void GetDescForPos(QString &desc);
double GetFrameRate(void);
int GetAudioLanguage(uint streamID);
int GetSubtitleLanguage(uint streamID);
// commands
virtual bool HandleAction(const QStringList &actions, int64_t pts);
virtual bool OpenFile(const QString &filename,
uint retry_ms = kDefaultOpenTimeout);
void close(void);
bool GoToMenu(const QString str, int64_t pts);
bool SwitchTitle(uint32_t index);
bool SwitchPlaylist(uint32_t index);
bool SwitchAngle(uint angle);
virtual int safe_read(void *data, uint sz);
virtual long long Seek(long long pos, int whence, bool has_lock);
uint64_t Seek(uint64_t pos);
// private player interaction
void WaitForPlayer(void);
// private title handling
bool UpdateTitleInfo(void);
BLURAY_TITLE_INFO* GetTitleInfo(uint32_t index);
BLURAY_TITLE_INFO* GetPlaylistInfo(uint32_t index);
// private menu handling methods
void PressButton(int32_t key, int64_t pts); // Keyboard
void ClickButton(int64_t pts, uint16_t x, uint16_t y); // Mouse
// private bluray event handling
bool HandleBDEvents(void);
void HandleBDEvent(BD_EVENT &event);
BLURAY *bdnav;
meta_dl *m_metaDiscLibrary;
bool m_isHDMVNavigation;
bool m_tryHDMVNavigation;
bool m_topMenuSupported;
bool m_firstPlaySupported;
uint32_t m_numTitles;
uint32_t m_mainTitle; // Index number of main title
uint64_t m_currentTitleLength; // Selected title's duration, in ticks (90Khz)
BLURAY_TITLE_INFO *m_currentTitleInfo; // Selected title info from struct in bluray.h
uint64_t m_titlesize;
uint64_t m_currentTitleAngleCount;
uint64_t m_currentTime;
int m_currentAngle;
int m_currentTitle;
int m_currentPlaylist;
int m_currentPlayitem;
int m_currentChapter;
int m_currentAudioStream;
int m_currentIGStream;
int m_currentPGTextSTStream;
int m_currentSecondaryAudioStream;
int m_currentSecondaryVideoStream;
bool m_PGTextSTEnabled;
bool m_secondaryAudioEnabled;
bool m_secondaryVideoEnabled;
bool m_secondaryVideoIsFullscreen;
bool m_titleChanged;
bool m_playerWait;
bool m_ignorePlayerWait;
QMutex m_overlayLock;
QList<BDOverlay*> m_overlayImages;
uint8_t m_stillTime;
uint8_t m_stillMode;
volatile bool m_inMenu;
QHash<uint32_t,BLURAY_TITLE_INFO*> m_cachedTitleInfo;
QHash<uint32_t,BLURAY_TITLE_INFO*> m_cachedPlaylistInfo;
QMutex m_infoLock;
QThread *m_mainThread;
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