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// -*- Mode: c++ -*-
#define DVD_BLOCK_SIZE 2048LL
#define DVD_MENU_MAX 7
#include <QMap>
#include <QString>
#include <QMutex>
#include <QRect>
#include "ringbuffer.h"
#include "mythmiscutil.h"
extern "C" {
#include "libavcodec/avcodec.h"
#include "dvdnav/dvdnav.h"
/** \class DVDRingBufferPriv
* \brief RingBuffer class for DVD's
* A spiffy little class to allow a RingBuffer to read from DVDs.
class MythDVDPlayer;
DVDInfo(const QString &filename);
bool IsValid(void) const { return m_nav != NULL; }
bool GetNameAndSerialNum(QString &name, QString &serialnum);
dvdnav_t *m_nav;
const char *m_name;
const char *m_serialnumber;
class MTV_PUBLIC DVDRingBuffer : public RingBuffer
DVDRingBuffer(const QString &lfilename);
virtual ~DVDRingBuffer();
// gets
int GetTitle(void) const { return m_title; }
bool DVDWaitingForPlayer(void) { return m_playerWait; }
int GetPart(void) const { return m_part; }
int GetCurrentAngle(void) const { return m_currentAngle; }
int GetNumAngles(void) { return m_currentTitleAngleCount; }
bool IsOpen(void) const { return m_dvdnav; }
long long GetTotalReadPosition(void) { return m_titleLength; }
uint GetChapterLength(void) const { return m_pgLength / 90000; }
void GetChapterTimes(QList<long long> &times);
uint64_t GetChapterTimes(uint title);
virtual long long GetReadPosition(void) const;
void GetDescForPos(QString &desc);
void GetPartAndTitle(int &_part, int &_title) const
{ _part = m_part; _title = m_title; }
uint GetTotalTimeOfTitle(void);
float GetAspectOverride(void) { return m_forcedAspect; }
virtual bool IsBookmarkAllowed(void);
virtual bool IsStreamed(void) { return true; }
virtual int BestBufferSize(void) { return 2048; }
uint GetCellStart(void);
bool PGCLengthChanged(void);
bool CellChanged(void);
virtual bool IsInStillFrame(void) const { return m_still > 0; }
bool NeedsStillFrame(void) { return IsInStillFrame() || NewSequence(); }
bool NewSequence(bool new_sequence = false);
bool AudioStreamsChanged(void) const { return m_audioStreamsChanged; }
bool IsWaiting(void) const { return m_dvdWaiting; }
int NumPartsInTitle(void) const { return m_titleParts; }
void GetMenuSPUPkt(uint8_t *buf, int len, int stream_id);
// Public menu/button stuff
AVSubtitle *GetMenuSubtitle(uint &version);
int NumMenuButtons(void) const;
QRect GetButtonCoords(void);
void ReleaseMenuButton(void);
virtual bool IsInMenu(void) const { return m_inMenu; }
virtual bool HandleAction(const QStringList &actions, int64_t pts);
// Subtitles
uint GetSubtitleLanguage(int key);
bool DecodeSubtitles(AVSubtitle * sub, int * gotSubtitles,
const uint8_t * buf, int buf_size);
uint GetAudioLanguage(int id);
int GetAudioTrackNum(uint key);
int GetAudioTrackType(uint stream_id);
bool GetNameAndSerialNum(QString& _name, QString& _serialnum);
double GetFrameRate(void);
bool StartOfTitle(void) { return (m_part == 0); }
bool EndOfTitle(void) { return ((!m_titleParts) ||
(m_part == (m_titleParts - 1)) ||
(m_titleParts == 1)); }
// commands
virtual bool OpenFile(const QString &lfilename,
uint retry_ms = kDefaultOpenTimeout);
void PlayTitleAndPart(int _title, int _part)
{ dvdnav_part_play(m_dvdnav, _title, _part); }
virtual bool StartFromBeginning(void);
void CloseDVD(void);
bool playTrack(int track);
bool nextTrack(void);
void prevTrack(void);
virtual int safe_read(void *data, uint sz);
virtual long long Seek(long long pos, int whence, bool has_lock);
long long NormalSeek(long long time);
void SkipStillFrame(void);
void WaitSkip(void);
void SkipDVDWaitingForPlayer(void) { m_playerWait = false; }
bool GoToMenu(const QString str);
void GoToNextProgram(void);
void GoToPreviousProgram(void);
virtual void IgnoreWaitStates(bool ignore) { m_skipstillorwait = ignore; }
void AudioStreamsChanged(bool change) { m_audioStreamsChanged = change; }
uint GetCurrentTime(void) { return (m_currentTime / 90000); }
uint TitleTimeLeft(void);
void SetTrack(uint type, int trackNo);
int GetTrack(uint type);
uint8_t GetNumAudioChannels(int id);
void SetDVDSpeed(void);
void SetDVDSpeed(int speed);
bool SwitchAngle(uint angle);
void SetParent(MythDVDPlayer *p) { m_parent = p; }
dvdnav_t *m_dvdnav;
unsigned char m_dvdBlockWriteBuf[DVD_BLOCK_SIZE];
unsigned char *m_dvdBlockReadBuf;
int m_dvdBlockRPos;
int m_dvdBlockWPos;
long long m_pgLength;
long long m_pgcLength;
long long m_cellStart;
bool m_cellChanged;
bool m_pgcLengthChanged;
long long m_pgStart;
long long m_currentpos;
dvdnav_t *m_lastNav; // This really belongs in the player.
int32_t m_part;
int32_t m_lastPart;
int32_t m_title;
int32_t m_lastTitle;
bool m_playerWait;
int32_t m_titleParts;
bool m_gotStop;
int m_currentAngle;
int m_currentTitleAngleCount;
bool m_newSequence;
int m_still;
int m_lastStill;
bool m_audioStreamsChanged;
bool m_dvdWaiting;
long long m_titleLength;
bool m_skipstillorwait;
long long m_cellstartPos;
bool m_buttonSelected;
bool m_buttonExists;
int m_cellid;
int m_lastcellid;
int m_vobid;
int m_lastvobid;
bool m_cellRepeated;
int m_curAudioTrack;
int8_t m_curSubtitleTrack;
bool m_autoselectsubtitle;
long long m_seekpos;
const char *m_dvdname;
const char *m_serialnumber;
bool m_seeking;
uint64_t m_seektime;
uint m_currentTime;
QMap<uint, uint> m_seekSpeedMap;
QMap<uint, QList<uint64_t> > m_chapterMap;
MythDVDPlayer *m_parent;
float m_forcedAspect;
// Private menu/button stuff
void ActivateButton(void);
void MoveButtonLeft(void);
void MoveButtonRight(void);
void MoveButtonUp(void);
void MoveButtonDown(void);
bool DVDButtonUpdate(bool b_mode);
void ClearMenuSPUParameters(void);
void ClearMenuButton(void);
bool m_inMenu;
uint m_buttonVersion;
int m_buttonStreamID;
uint32_t m_clut[16];
uint8_t m_button_color[4];
uint8_t m_button_alpha[4];
QRect m_hl_button;
uint8_t *m_menuSpuPkt;
int m_menuBuflength;
AVSubtitle m_dvdMenuButton;
QMutex m_menuBtnLock;
QMutex m_seekLock;
long long Seek(long long time);
void ClearChapterCache(void);
uint ConvertLangCode(uint16_t code);
void SelectDefaultButton(void);
void WaitForPlayer(void);
int get_nibble(const uint8_t *buf, int nibble_offset);
int decode_rle(uint8_t *bitmap, int linesize, int w, int h,
const uint8_t *buf, int nibble_offset, int buf_size);
void guess_palette(uint32_t *rgba_palette,uint8_t *palette,
uint8_t *alpha);
int is_transp(const uint8_t *buf, int pitch, int n,
const uint8_t *transp_color);
int find_smallest_bounding_rectangle(AVSubtitle *s);
#endif // DVD_RING_BUFFER_H_
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