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#include <QFont>
#include <QColor>
#include <QBrush>
#include <QPoint>
#include <QMap>
#include "xmlparsebase.h"
#include "mythmainwindow.h"
class MUI_PUBLIC MythFontProperties: public XMLParseBase
QFont* GetFace(void) { return &m_face; }
void SetFace(const QFont &face);
void SetColor(const QColor &color);
void SetShadow(bool on, const QPoint &offset, const QColor &color, int alpha);
void SetOutline(bool on, const QColor &color, int size, int alpha);
QFont face(void) const { return m_face; }
QColor color(void) const { return m_brush.color(); }
QBrush GetBrush(void) const { return m_brush; }
bool hasShadow(void) const { return m_hasShadow; }
void GetShadow(QPoint &offset, QColor &color, int &alpha) const;
bool hasOutline(void) const { return m_hasOutline; }
void GetOutline(QColor &color, int &size, int &alpha) const;
QString GetHash(void) const { return m_hash; }
static MythFontProperties *ParseFromXml(
const QString &filename, const QDomElement &element,
MythUIType *parent = NULL, bool addToGlobal = false,
bool showWarnings = true);
void GetOffset(QPoint &offset) const;
void SetRelativeSize(float rSize) { m_relativeSize = rSize; }
float GetRelativeSize(void) const { return m_relativeSize; }
void SetPixelSize(float size);
void SetPointSize(uint size);
void Rescale(void);
void Rescale(int height);
void AdjustStretch(int stretch);
void Freeze(void); // no hash updates
void Unfreeze(void);
void CalcHash(void);
QFont m_face;
QBrush m_brush;
bool m_hasShadow;
QPoint m_shadowOffset;
QColor m_shadowColor;
int m_shadowAlpha;
bool m_hasOutline;
QColor m_outlineColor;
int m_outlineSize;
int m_outlineAlpha;
QPoint m_drawingOffset;
float m_relativeSize;
QString m_hash;
bool m_bFreeze;
int m_stretch;
friend class FontMap;
class MUI_PUBLIC FontMap
FontMap() {}
MythFontProperties *GetFont(const QString &text);
bool AddFont(const QString &text, MythFontProperties *fontProp);
bool Contains(const QString &text);
void Clear(void);
void Rescale(int height = 0);
static FontMap *GetGlobalFontMap(void);
QMap<QString, MythFontProperties> m_FontMap;
MUI_PUBLIC FontMap *GetGlobalFontMap(void);
// FIXME: remove legacy crap
struct fontProp {
QFont face;
QPoint shadowOffset;
QColor color;
QColor dropColor;
extern MUI_PUBLIC QMap<QString, fontProp> globalFontMap;
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