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* LinuxFirewireDevice
* Copyright (c) 2005 by Jim Westfall
* Distributed as part of MythTV under GPL v2 and later.
#include <QRunnable>
#include "firewiredevice.h"
#include "mthread.h"
class LFDPriv;
class LinuxAVCInfo;
class LinuxFirewireDevice;
class LinuxFirewireDevice : public FirewireDevice, public QRunnable
friend int linux_firewire_device_tspacket_handler(
unsigned char *tspacket, int len, uint dropped, void *callback_data);
LinuxFirewireDevice(uint64_t guid, uint subunitid,
uint speed, bool use_p2p,
uint av_buffer_size_in_bytes = 0);
// Commands
virtual bool OpenPort(void);
virtual bool ClosePort(void);
virtual bool ResetBus(void);
virtual void AddListener(TSDataListener*);
virtual void RemoveListener(TSDataListener*);
// Gets
virtual bool IsPortOpen(void) const;
// Signal from driver
void SignalReset(uint generation);
// Statics
static vector<AVCInfo> GetSTBList(void);
// Constants
static const uint kBroadcastChannel;
static const uint kConnectionP2P;
static const uint kConnectionBroadcast;
static const uint kMaxBufferedPackets;
bool OpenNode(void);
bool CloseNode(void);
bool OpenAVStream(void);
bool CloseAVStream(void);
bool OpenP2PNode(void);
bool CloseP2PNode(void);
bool OpenBroadcastNode(void);
bool CloseBroadcastNode(void);
bool StartStreaming(void);
bool StopStreaming(void);
void run(void); // QRunnable
void PrintDropped(uint dropped_packets);
bool SetAVStreamBufferSize(uint size_in_bytes);
bool SetAVStreamSpeed(uint speed);
bool IsNodeOpen(void) const;
bool IsAVStreamOpen(void) const;
bool UpdateDeviceList(void);
void UpdateDeviceListItem(uint64_t guid, void *pitem);
vector<AVCInfo> GetSTBListPrivate(void);
virtual bool SendAVCCommand(const vector<uint8_t> &cmd,
vector<uint8_t> &result,
int retry_cnt);
LinuxAVCInfo *GetInfoPtr(void);
const LinuxAVCInfo *GetInfoPtr(void) const;
void HandleBusReset(void);
uint m_bufsz;
bool m_db_reset_disabled;
bool m_use_p2p;
LFDPriv *m_priv;
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