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This file is way out of date see the wiki for an up-to-date list of active developers:-
Main Author:
Isaac Richards <>
Original NuppelVideo version:
Roman HOCHLEITNER <roman at>
libavcodec, from
Fabrice Bellard <fabrice.bellard at>
Rewritten player class and improved a/v sync code:
John Coiner <jcoiner at>
TangoBlue theme:
Forrest Walter -
LiquidTV theme:
jer warren <>
Selectable GUI sizes, few other things:
thor at
Video Filters:
Richard Jones <richard at>
Misc changes:
Grant Taylor <gtaylor at>
Stefan Frank <sfr at>
Colorize the EPG:
skrpub <skrpub at>
Bugfixes, EPG updates, more UK friendly database filling, lots of other things:
Andrew M. Bishop <amb at>
Non-integer channel fixes, customizable date displays:
Jens Lohmann-Hansen <JensLH at>
Modifyable install prefix, recording/scheduler improvements, mono support, more:
Jim Radford <jim at>
Keybinding to toggle fullscreen playback, EPG speedups:
Erik Arendse <erik.arendse at>
EPG/filldatabase enhancements:
Christian Hoenig <me at>
Setup enhancements:
Dan Schwarz <dschwarz at>
Large amount of documentation:
Robert Kulagowski <bob at>
Alternative EPG layout, Program Finder:
John Danner <johndanner at>
Graphical setup UI, database backend for configuration, initial direct rendering support
Matt Zimmerman <mdz at>
Windowed TV features, jump keys, jitter reduction, bug fixes, tech notes:
Bruce Markey <bjm at>
Commercial skipping, non-Xv display support:
Chris Pinkham <cpinkham at>
Closed Caption / Teletext Support:
Erik Arendse <erik_nospam.arendse at>
Martin Moeller <martin at>
German Translation:
Stefan Frank <sfr at>
Danish Translation:
Martin Moeller <martin at>
Swedish Translation:
Tobias Blomberg <blomman at>
Portuguese localization and i18n patches:
Bruno Rodrigues <bruno dot rodrigues at litux dot org>
Localization support, italian Translation:
Leandro Dardini <ldardini at tiscali dot it>
Spanish and Catalan Translations, Photo-Theme, Manual schedule of recordings,
channel preset support & misc:
Ramon Roca <ramon dot roca at xcombo dot com>
Spanish Translation:
Carlos Fdez. Manteiga <churly at>
Dynamic MMX/3DNow in linearblend filter, genericbutton UI extensions:
Simon Kenyon <>
DVB Code rewrite, fixes for MPEG2 playback, Channel Editor
Kenneth Aafloy <ke-aa at>
G.A.N.T. theme, re-design of backend status page, Swedish translation
Oscar Carlsson <oscar at>
Polish Translation:
Jarosław Telatyński <> (tłumaczenie nie dokończone, pomoc mile widziana :)