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Main Author:
Isaac Richards <>
Original NuppelVideo version:
Roman HOCHLEITNER <roman at>
libavcodec, from
Fabrice Bellard <fabrice.bellard at>
Rewritten player class and improved a/v sync code:
John Coiner <jcoiner at>
TangoBlue theme:
Forrest Walter -
LiquidTV theme:
jer warren <>
Selectable GUI sizes:
thor at
Video Filters:
Richard Jones <richard at>
Misc changes:
Grant Taylor <gtaylor at>
Colorize the EPG:
skrpub <skrpub at>
Bugfixes, EPG updates, more UK friendly database filling, lots of other things:
Andrew M. Bishop <amb at>
Non-integer channel fixes, customizable date displays:
Jens Lohmann-Hansen <JensLH at>
Modifyable install prefix, recording/scheduler improvements:
Jim Radford <jim at>
Keybinding to toggle fullscreen playback, EPG speedups:
Erik Arendse <erik.arendse at>
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