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Fix a 32bit/64bit constant issue

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1 parent f04d226 commit 0008f60a1d80a9f11751eb576edc8e5cab782c26 @Beirdo Beirdo committed May 8, 2012
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 mythtv/external/FFmpeg/libavcodec/dsputil.h
2 mythtv/external/FFmpeg/libavcodec/dsputil.h
@@ -595,7 +595,7 @@ void ff_block_permute(DCTELEM *block, uint8_t *permutation, const uint8_t *scant
void ff_set_cmp(DSPContext* c, me_cmp_func *cmp, int type);
#define BYTE_VEC32(c) ((c)*0x01010101UL)
-#define BYTE_VEC64(c) ((c)*0x0001000100010001UL)
+#define BYTE_VEC64(c) ((c)*UINT64_C(0x0001000100010001))
static inline uint32_t rnd_avg32(uint32_t a, uint32_t b)

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