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Metadata: Add XML export methods.

Adds some methods to transform a ProgramInfo into a MetadataLookup, which is the common denominator between Recordings, Video, Music, and Games, and can be exported or reimported.

Once the UI and/or scanner is there, you could technically export a Recording, then drop it in MythVideo w/ the XML file and have all the metadata brought back in, or vice versa.
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1 parent 32e901d commit 3d603ab6a02e7f71995c5b02547ce264d64200e0 Robert McNamara committed Jul 16, 2011
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
/// Update this whenever the plug-in API changes.
/// Including changes in the libmythbase, libmyth, libmythtv, libmythav* and
/// libmythui class methods used by plug-ins.
-#define MYTH_BINARY_VERSION "0.25.20110714-1"
+#define MYTH_BINARY_VERSION "0.25.20110715-1"
/** \brief Increment this whenever the MythTV network protocol changes.
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