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Remove old translations from the ExecTV sample

It might be commented out but since its provided as a sample it
should no longer show how to translate in a deprecated way.
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nriendeau committed Jul 7, 2012
1 parent ae1eeea commit 44f23ce84f649b216e9b202b20ca6df47dc1bdaf
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  1. +0 −9 mythtv/themes/DVR/tvmenu.xml
@@ -20,15 +20,6 @@
<text>Passthrough Mode</text>
- <text lang="PT">Modo Directo de TV</text>
- <text lang="ES">TV directo</text>
- <text lang="CA">TV directe</text>
- <text lang="DE">TV direkt</text>
- <text lang="SV">TV direkt</text>
- <text lang="JA">パススルーモード</text>
- <text lang="ET">Otse-TV</text>
- <text lang="NL">TV Direct</text>
- <text lang="HU">Közvetlen TV adás</text>
<action>EXECTV xawtv -f -device %s -dspdev %s -vbidev %s</action>

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