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Remove the MythArchive date/time formats from the Hong Kong Chinese

locale file.

Leaving them in would actually make the helper app crash and
MythArchive has so many dependencies that fixing one problem
uncovers another.

Sorry Walter, I tried...

Refs #10528
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1 parent df8548e commit 4b28a575be3d77a23f8e34cc3af8257137cd5382 @nriendeau nriendeau committed
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  1. +0 −4 mythtv/locales/zh_hk.xml
4 mythtv/locales/zh_hk.xml
@@ -33,8 +33,4 @@
<!-- Plugins -->
<!-- MythArchive -->
<setting name="MythArchiveVideoFormat">PAL</setting>
- <!-- Date/Time format -->
- <setting name="MythArchiveDateFormat">%Y年%m月%d日 (%A)</setting>
- <setting name="MythArchiveTimeFormat">%p %I:%M</setting>

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