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Remove incorrect selection of DST offset.

This makes the default offsettzinfo just use the standard timezone
offset from the time module, rather than incorrectly using the existence
of a DST offset as indication that the system is currently in DST.
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1 parent 414de88 commit 4dd0bf8014bf8261c8ed347517ef8197ac7f942e @wagnerrp wagnerrp committed Dec 30, 2012
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  1. +1 −2 mythtv/bindings/python/MythTV/utility/
3 mythtv/bindings/python/MythTV/utility/
@@ -192,8 +192,7 @@ class offsettzinfo( _pytzinfo ):
"""Customized timezone class that provides a simple static offset."""
def local(cls):
- offset = -(time.timezone, time.altzone)[time.daylight]
- return cls(sec=offset)
+ return cls(sec=-time.timezone)
def __init__(self, direc='+', hr=0, min=0, sec=0):
sec = int(sec) + 60 * (int(min) + 60 * int(hr))
if direc == '-':

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