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MythUIWebBrowser: Updates to the error page and file download/playing…

… handling.

NOTE: This bumps the minimum required Qt version to 4.6.0.

This update contains many improvements to the MythUIWebBrowser including :-

* Use the new ErrorPageExtension to know when and what to display on the error
  page shown when you enter an unreachable url for example.

* Many improvements and bug fixes to the file downloading.

* Use a shared QNetworkAccessManager that all MythUIWebBrowser widgets will use
  and use the same cookieJar that the MythDownloadManager uses.

* Make better use of any mime type available when handling unhandled content to
  determine if we can play the file and offer to play music files and offer to
  download and then play video files.
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Paul Harrison
Paul Harrison committed May 22, 2011
1 parent 44219fc commit 8f089150eb99da35ab7643389a5f654bb7a6b4ad
Showing with 285 additions and 86 deletions.
  1. +260 −84 mythtv/libs/libmythui/mythuiwebbrowser.cpp
  2. +25 −2 mythtv/libs/libmythui/mythuiwebbrowser.h

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