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Make MythRenderD3D9 destructor private. Like MythRenderVDPAU in [773f…

…35c4] this class should also be reference counted.

I don't have a Windows build here so this may cause the windows build to fail,
but if it does it will tell me there is a similar problem to be fixed for this
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daniel-kristjansson committed Jun 4, 2012
1 parent 7e98bdb commit 9b23866577096f2cdaa6ce5488fb03fb6fa60a42
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 mythtv/libs/libmythui/mythrender_d3d9.h
@@ -64,7 +64,6 @@ class MUI_PUBLIC MythRenderD3D9 : public MythRender
static void* ResolveAddress(const char* lib, const char* proc);
bool Create(QSize size, HWND window);
bool Test(bool &reset);
@@ -99,6 +98,7 @@ class MUI_PUBLIC MythRenderD3D9 : public MythRender
void ReleaseBuffer(IDirect3DSurface9* surface);
virtual ~MythRenderD3D9();
bool SetTexture(IDirect3DDevice9* dev,
IDirect3DTexture9 *texture,
int num = 0);

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