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ffmpeg: sync to release/4.0 branch n4.0-45-g3dc75278a9 from MythTV/FF…


Sync to release/4.0 branch of the MythTV/FFmpeg fork of FFmpeg.
See FFmpeg/README.sync for details.
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bennettpeter committed May 30, 2018
2 parents 0c7ad11 + 9008335 commit 9dee6dd8e77ed4890b0c7a87610843081cb62d19
Showing 1,437 changed files with 98,738 additions and 56,300 deletions.
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ class RemoteAVFormatContext
const int BUFFER_SIZE = 0x8000;
if (!m_buffer)
m_buffer = (unsigned char*)av_malloc(BUFFER_SIZE + FF_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE);
m_buffer = (unsigned char*)av_malloc(BUFFER_SIZE + AV_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE);
if (!m_buffer)
return false;
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ class RemoteAVFormatContext
const int BUFFER_SIZE = 0x20000;
if (!m_buffer)
m_buffer = (unsigned char*)av_malloc(BUFFER_SIZE + FF_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE);
m_buffer = (unsigned char*)av_malloc(BUFFER_SIZE + AV_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE);
if (!m_buffer)
return false;
@@ -29,7 +29,6 @@
@@ -11,6 +11,10 @@ addons:
- clang
- gcc
- os: osx
compiler: gcc
- ffmpeg-samples
@@ -1,82 +1,60 @@
Entries are sorted chronologically from oldest to youngest within each release,
releases are sorted from youngest to oldest.

version 3.4.1:
- avcodec/vp9_superframe_split_bsf: Fix integer overflow in frame_size/total_size checks
- avcodec/amrwbdec: Fix division by 0 in voice_factor()
- avformat/utils: Fix warning: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code
- avcodec/decode: reset codec on receiving packet after EOF in compat_decode
- avcodec/diracdsp: Fix integer overflow in PUT_SIGNED_RECT_CLAMPED()
- avcodec/dirac_dwt: Fix integer overflows in COMPOSE_DAUB97*
- avcodec/extract_extradata_bsf: Fix leak discovered via fuzzing
- avcodec/vorbis: Fix another 1 << 31 > int32_t::max() with 1u.
- avcodec/vorbis: 1 << 31 > int32_t::max(), so use 1u << 31 instead.
- avformat/utils: Prevent undefined shift with wrap_bits > 64.
- avcodec/j2kenc: Fix out of array access in encode_cblk()
- avcodec/hevcdsp_template: Fix undefined shift in put_hevc_epel_bi_w_h()
- lavf/mov: fix huge alloc in mov_read_ctts
- avcodec/mlpdsp: Fix signed integer overflow, 2nd try
- avcodec/h264idct_template: Fix integer overflow in ff_h264_idct8_add
- avcodec/kgv1dec: Check that there is enough input for maximum RLE compression
- avformat/aacdec: Fix leak in adts_aac_read_packet()
- avcodec/dirac_dwt: Fix integer overflow in COMPOSE_FIDELITYi*
- avcodec/sbrdsp_fixed: Fix integer overflow
- avcodec/mpeg4videodec: Check also for negative versions in the validity check
- Close ogg stream upon error when using AV_EF_EXPLODE.
- Fix undefined shift on assumed 8-bit input.
- Use ff_thread_once for fixed, float table init.
- Fix leak of frame_duration_buffer in mov_fix_index().
- avformat/mov: Propagate errors in mov_switch_root.
- avcodec/hevcdsp_template: Fix invalid shift in put_hevc_epel_bi_w_v()
- avcodec/mlpdsp: Fix undefined shift ff_mlp_pack_output()
- avcodec/zmbv: Check that the buffer is large enough for mvec
- avcodec/dirac_dwt: Fix integer overflow in COMPOSE_DD137iL0()
- avcodec/wmv2dec: Check end of bitstream in parse_mb_skip() and ff_wmv2_decode_mb()
- avcodec/snowdec: Check for remaining bitstream in decode_blocks()
- avcodec/snowdec: Check intra block dc differences.
- avformat/mov: Check size of STSC allocation
- avcodec/vc2enc: Clear coef_buf on allocation
- avcodec/h264dec: Fix potential array overread
- avcodec/x86/mpegvideodsp: Fix signedness bug in need_emu
- avcodec/aacpsdsp_template: Fix integer overflows in ps_decorrelate_c()
- avcodec/aacdec_fixed: Fix undefined shift
- avcodec/mdct_*: Fix integer overflow in addition in RESCALE()
- avcodec/snowdec: Fix integer overflow in header parsing
- avcodec/cngdec: Fix integer clipping
- avcodec/sbrdsp_fixed: Fix integer overflow in shift in sbr_hf_g_filt_c()
- avcodec/aacsbr_fixed: Fix division by zero in sbr_gain_calc()
- avutil/softfloat: Add FLOAT_MIN
- avcodec/h264idct_template: Fix integer overflows in ff_h264_idct8_add()
- avcodec/xan: Check for bitstream end in xan_huffman_decode()
- avcodec/exr: fix undefined shift in pxr24_uncompress()
- avformat: Free the internal codec context at the end
- avcodec/h264idct_template: Fix integer overflows in ff_h264_idct8_add()
- avcodec/xan: Improve overlapping check
- avcodec/aacdec_fixed: Fix integer overflow in apply_dependent_coupling_fixed()
- avcodec/aacdec_fixed: Fix integer overflow in predict()
- avcodec/jpeglsdec: Check for end of bitstream in ls_decode_line()
- avcodec/jpeglsdec: Check ilv for being a supported value
- tests/ffserver.regression.ref: update checksums to what ffserver currently produces
- ffserver: Fix off by 1 error in path
- avcodec/proresdec: align dequantization matrix buffers
- avformat/matroskaenc: add missing allocation failure checks for stream durations
- avformat/matroskaenc: actually enforce the stream limit
- configure: Fix dependencies of aac_at decoder.
- Don't manipulate duration when it's AV_NOPTS_VALUE.
- lavfi/af_pan: fix sign handling in channel coefficient parser
- avformat/hlsenc: write fmp4 init header after first AV frame
- avformat/hlsenc: allocate space for terminating null
- avformat/hlsenc: reindent hlsenc code
- avformat/hlsenc: check hls segment mode for ignore the init filename
- avformat/hlsenc: reindent hlsenc code
- avformat/hlsenc: fix missing first segment bug in fmp4 mode
- avformat/hlsenc: fix base_output_dirname is null when basename_size is 0 bug
- ffplay: use SDL2 audio API
- ffplay: only use hardware accelerated SDL texture formats
- ffplay: create the window and the renderer before starting playback
- ffmpeg: always init output stream before reaping filters
- vc2enc_dwt: pad the temporary buffer by the slice size
- lavu/arm: Check for have_vfp_vm instead of !have_vfpv3 for float_dsp_vfp
version 4.0:
- Bitstream filters for editing metadata in H.264, HEVC and MPEG-2 streams
- Dropped support for OpenJPEG versions 2.0 and below. Using OpenJPEG now
requires 2.1 (or later) and pkg-config.
- VDA dropped (use VideoToolbox instead)
- MagicYUV encoder
- Raw AMR-NB and AMR-WB demuxers
- TiVo ty/ty+ demuxer
- Intel QSV-accelerated MJPEG encoding
- PCE support for extended channel layouts in the AAC encoder
- native aptX and aptX HD encoder and decoder
- Raw aptX and aptX HD muxer and demuxer
- NVIDIA NVDEC-accelerated H.264, HEVC, MJPEG, MPEG-1/2/4, VC1, VP8/9 hwaccel decoding
- Intel QSV-accelerated overlay filter
- mcompand audio filter
- acontrast audio filter
- OpenCL overlay filter
- video mix filter
- video normalize filter
- audio lv2 wrapper filter
- VAAPI MJPEG and VP8 decoding
- AMD AMF H.264 and HEVC encoders
- video fillborders filter
- video setrange filter
- nsp demuxer
- support LibreSSL (via libtls)
- AVX-512/ZMM support added
- Dropped support for building for Windows XP. The minimum supported Windows
version is Windows Vista.
- deconvolve video filter
- entropy video filter
- hilbert audio filter source
- aiir audio filter
- aiff: add support for CD-ROM XA ADPCM
- Removed the ffserver program
- Removed the ffmenc and ffmdec muxer and demuxer
- VideoToolbox HEVC encoder and hwaccel
- VAAPI-accelerated ProcAmp (color balance), denoise and sharpness filters
- Add android_camera indev
- codec2 en/decoding via libcodec2
- muxer/demuxer for raw codec2 files and .c2 files
- Moved nvidia codec headers into an external repository.
They can be found at
- native SBC encoder and decoder
- drmeter audio filter
- hapqa_extract bitstream filter
- filter_units bitstream filter
- AV1 Support through libaom
- E-AC-3 dependent frames support
- bitstream filter for extracting E-AC-3 core
- Haivision SRT protocol via libsrt
- segafilm muxer
- vfrdet filter

version 3.4:
- deflicker video filter
@@ -29,9 +29,6 @@ ffplay:
ffprobe.c Stefano Sabatini

ffserver.c Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet

Commandline utility code:
cmdutils.c, cmdutils.h Michael Niedermayer

@@ -42,7 +39,7 @@ QuickTime faststart:
Miscellaneous Areas

documentation Stefano Sabatini, Mike Melanson, Timothy Gu, Lou Logan
documentation Stefano Sabatini, Mike Melanson, Timothy Gu, Lou Logan, Gyan Doshi
project server Árpád Gereöffy, Michael Niedermayer, Reimar Doeffinger, Alexander Strasser, Nikolay Aleksandrov
presets Robert Swain
metadata subsystem Aurelien Jacobs
@@ -142,6 +139,7 @@ Codecs:
aacenc*, aaccoder.c Rostislav Pehlivanov
alacenc.c Jaikrishnan Menon
alsdec.c Thilo Borgmann, Umair Khan
aptx.c Aurelien Jacobs
ass* Aurelien Jacobs
asv* Michael Niedermayer
atrac3plus* Maxim Poliakovski
@@ -158,7 +156,7 @@ Codecs:
cpia.c Stephan Hilb
crystalhd.c Philip Langdale
cscd.c Reimar Doeffinger
cuvid.c Timo Rothenpieler
cuviddec.c Timo Rothenpieler
dca* foo86
dirac* Rostislav Pehlivanov
dnxhd* Baptiste Coudurier
@@ -170,6 +168,7 @@ Codecs:
eacmv*, eaidct*, eat* Peter Ross
evrc* Paul B Mahol
exif.c, exif.h Thilo Borgmann
exr.c Martin Vignali
ffv1* Michael Niedermayer
ffwavesynth.c Nicolas George
fifo.c Jan Sebechlebsky
@@ -189,6 +188,7 @@ Codecs:
jvdec.c Peter Ross
lcl*.c Roberto Togni, Reimar Doeffinger
libcelt_dec.c Nicolas George
libcodec2.c Tomas Härdin
libdirac* David Conrad
libgsm.c Michel Bardiaux
libkvazaar.c Arttu Ylä-Outinen
@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ Codecs:
msrle.c Mike Melanson
msvideo1.c Mike Melanson
nuv.c Reimar Doeffinger
nvenc* Timo Rothenpieler
nvdec*, nvenc* Timo Rothenpieler
opus* Rostislav Pehlivanov
paf.* Paul B Mahol
pcx.c Ivo van Poorten
@@ -242,10 +242,10 @@ Codecs:
tta.c Alex Beregszaszi, Jaikrishnan Menon
ttaenc.c Paul B Mahol
txd.c Ivo van Poorten
v4l2_* Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz
vc2* Rostislav Pehlivanov
vcr1.c Michael Niedermayer
vda_h264_dec.c Xidorn Quan
videotoolboxenc.c Rick Kern
videotoolboxenc.c Rick Kern, Aman Gupta
vima.c Paul B Mahol
vorbisdec.c Denes Balatoni, David Conrad
vorbisenc.c Oded Shimon
@@ -268,11 +268,11 @@ Hardware acceleration:
crystalhd.c Philip Langdale
dxva2* Hendrik Leppkes, Laurent Aimar, Steve Lhomme
d3d11va* Steve Lhomme
mediacodec* Matthieu Bouron
mediacodec* Matthieu Bouron, Aman Gupta
vaapi* Gwenole Beauchesne
vaapi_encode* Mark Thompson
vdpau* Philip Langdale, Carl Eugen Hoyos
videotoolbox* Rick Kern
videotoolbox* Rick Kern, Aman Gupta

@@ -282,6 +282,7 @@ libavdevice

avfoundation.m Thilo Borgmann
android_camera.c Felix Matouschek
decklink* Marton Balint
dshow.c Roger Pack (CC
fbdev_enc.c Lukasz Marek
@@ -395,8 +396,10 @@ Muxers/Demuxers:
brstm.c Paul B Mahol
caf* Peter Ross
cdxl.c Paul B Mahol
codec2.c Tomas Härdin
crc.c Michael Niedermayer
dashdec.c Steven Liu
dashenc.c Karthick Jeyapal
daud.c Reimar Doeffinger
dss.c Oleksij Rempel
dtsdec.c foo86
@@ -549,6 +552,7 @@ Ivan Uskov
James Darnley
Jan Ekström
Joakim Plate
Jun Zhao
Kieran Kunhya
Kirill Gavrilov
Martin Storsjö
@@ -587,6 +591,7 @@ FFmpeg release signing key FCF9 86EA 15E6 E293 A564 4F10 B432 2F04 D676 58D8
Ganesh Ajjanagadde C96A 848E 97C3 CEA2 AB72 5CE4 45F9 6A2D 3C36 FB1B
Gwenole Beauchesne 2E63 B3A6 3E44 37E2 017D 2704 53C7 6266 B153 99C4
Jaikrishnan Menon 61A1 F09F 01C9 2D45 78E1 C862 25DC 8831 AF70 D368
James Almer 7751 2E8C FD94 A169 57E6 9A7A 1463 01AD 7376 59E0
Jean Delvare 7CA6 9F44 60F1 BDC4 1FD2 C858 A552 6B9B B3CD 4E6A
Loren Merritt ABD9 08F4 C920 3F65 D8BE 35D7 1540 DAA7 060F 56DE
Lou Logan 7D68 DC73 CBEF EABB 671A B6CF 621C 2E28 82F8 DC3A
@@ -45,12 +45,11 @@ FF_DEP_LIBS := $(DEP_LIBS)

$(TOOLS): %$(EXESUF): %.o

target_dec_%_fuzzer$(EXESUF): target_dec_%_fuzzer.o $(FF_DEP_LIBS)

tools/cws2fws$(EXESUF): ELIBS = $(ZLIB)
tools/sofa2wavs$(EXESUF): ELIBS = $(FF_EXTRALIBS)
tools/uncoded_frame$(EXESUF): $(FF_DEP_LIBS)
tools/uncoded_frame$(EXESUF): ELIBS = $(FF_EXTRALIBS)
@@ -128,25 +127,24 @@ install-data: $(DATA_FILES)
$(Q)mkdir -p "$(DATADIR)"

uninstall: uninstall-libs uninstall-headers uninstall-data
uninstall: uninstall-data uninstall-headers uninstall-libs uninstall-pkgconfig

$(RM) -r "$(DATADIR)"

$(RM) $(CLEANSUFFIXES:%=compat/msvcrt/%)
$(RM) $(CLEANSUFFIXES:%=compat/atomics/pthread/%)
$(RM) $(CLEANSUFFIXES:%=compat/%)
$(RM) $(addprefix compat/,$(CLEANSUFFIXES)) $(addprefix compat/*/,$(CLEANSUFFIXES))
$(RM) -r coverage-html
$(RM) -rf lcov

distclean:: clean
$(RM) .version avversion.h config.asm config.h mapfile \
ffbuild/.config ffbuild/config.* libavutil/avconfig.h \
version.h libavutil/ffversion.h libavcodec/codec_names.h \
libavcodec/bsf_list.c libavformat/protocol_list.c
libavcodec/bsf_list.c libavformat/protocol_list.c \
libavcodec/codec_list.c libavcodec/parser_list.c \
libavformat/muxer_list.c libavformat/demuxer_list.c
ifeq ($(SRC_LINK),src)
$(RM) src
@@ -155,6 +153,7 @@ endif

build: all alltools examples testprogs
check: all alltools examples testprogs fate

include $(SRC_PATH)/tests/Makefile
@@ -170,4 +169,5 @@ $(sort $(OBJDIRS)):
# so this saves some time on slow systems.

.PHONY: all all-yes alltools check *clean config install* testprogs uninstall*
.PHONY: all all-yes alltools build check config testprogs
.PHONY: *clean install* uninstall*
@@ -21,8 +21,6 @@ such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata.
* [ffplay]( is a minimalistic multimedia player.
* [ffprobe]( is a simple analysis tool to inspect
multimedia content.
* [ffserver]( is a multimedia streaming server
for live broadcasts.
* Additional small tools such as `aviocat`, `ismindex` and `qt-faststart`.

## Documentation

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