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MythVideo: Start to work on some of the redundancy/overcomplication i…


"Mark as watched" appeared not one, but two spots in the menu.  The menu also contained a submenu with that option, as well as an option to mark something as non-browseable.  Since that's not going to be a commonly-invoked toggle, and since browseability is also toggleable from the edit metadata screen, remove the submenu entirely.

Also remove the "Manually enter video ID #" option in the metadata menu-- This can and should be done in the edit metadata menu.
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Robert McNamara
Robert McNamara committed Dec 9, 2010
1 parent 15b4278 commit be8deb08a93ee542b5dbff1022d22bcbc480bdaf
Showing with 0 additions and 65 deletions.
  1. +0 −61 mythplugins/mythvideo/mythvideo/videodlg.cpp
  2. +0 −4 mythplugins/mythvideo/mythvideo/videodlg.h
@@ -2437,7 +2437,6 @@ void VideoDialog::VideoMenu()
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Mark as Watched"), SLOT(ToggleWatched()));
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Video Info"), SLOT(InfoMenu()), true);
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Change Video Details"), SLOT(ManageMenu()), true);
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Video Options"), SLOT(VideoOptionMenu()), true);
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Delete"), SLOT(RemoveVideo()));
if (node && !(node->getInt() >= 0) && node->getInt() != kUpFolder)
@@ -2707,34 +2706,6 @@ void VideoDialog::InfoMenu()

/** \fn VideoDialog::VideoOptionMenu()
* \brief Pop up a MythUI Menu to toggle watched/browseable.
* \return void.
void VideoDialog::VideoOptionMenu()
QString label = tr("Video Options");

m_menuPopup = new MythDialogBox(label, m_popupStack, "videomenupopup");

VideoMetadata *metadata = GetMetadata(GetItemCurrent());

if (m_menuPopup->Create())

m_menuPopup->SetReturnEvent(this, "option");

if (metadata->GetWatched())
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Mark as Unwatched"), SLOT(ToggleWatched()));
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Mark as Watched"), SLOT(ToggleWatched()));

if (metadata->GetBrowse())
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Mark as Non-Browseable"), SLOT(ToggleBrowseable()));
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Mark as Browseable"), SLOT(ToggleBrowseable()));

/** \fn VideoDialog::ManageMenu()
* \brief Pop up a MythUI Menu for metadata management.
* \return void.
@@ -2754,8 +2725,6 @@ void VideoDialog::ManageMenu()

m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Edit Details"), SLOT(EditMetadata()));
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Retrieve Details"), SLOT(VideoSearch()));
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Manually Enter Video #"),
if (metadata->GetProcessed())
m_menuPopup->AddButton(tr("Allow Updates"), SLOT(ToggleProcess()));
@@ -3641,36 +3610,6 @@ void VideoDialog::OnParentalChange(int amount)

void VideoDialog::ManualVideoUID()
QString message = tr("Enter Video Unique ID:");

MythTextInputDialog *searchdialog =
new MythTextInputDialog(m_popupStack, message);

if (searchdialog->Create())

connect(searchdialog, SIGNAL(haveResult(QString)),
SLOT(OnManualVideoUID(QString)), Qt::QueuedConnection);

void VideoDialog::OnManualVideoUID(QString video_uid)
VideoMetadata *metadata = GetMetadata(GetItemCurrent());
MythGenericTree *node = GetNodePtrFromButton(GetItemCurrent());

if (video_uid.length() && node && metadata)
MetadataLookup *lookup = new MetadataLookup();

void VideoDialog::EditMetadata()
VideoMetadata *metadata = GetMetadata(GetItemCurrent());
@@ -96,7 +96,6 @@ class VideoDialog : public MythScreenType
void VideoSearch(MythGenericTree *node = NULL,
bool automode = false);
void VideoAutoSearch(MythGenericTree *node = NULL);
void ManualVideoUID();
void ResetMetadata();
void ToggleBrowseable();
void ToggleWatched();
@@ -106,7 +105,6 @@ class VideoDialog : public MythScreenType

void VideoMenu();
void InfoMenu();
void VideoOptionMenu();
void ManageMenu();
void PlayMenu();
void DisplayMenu();
@@ -132,8 +130,6 @@ class VideoDialog : public MythScreenType
// Called when the underlying data for an item changes
void OnVideoSearchListSelection(MetadataLookup *lookup);

void OnManualVideoUID(QString video_uid);

void doVideoScan();

protected slots:

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