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Commits on Nov 26, 2015
  1. @stuarta

    PSHUFB is an SSSE3 instruction, only try to use it on cpus

    stuarta committed
    which support SSSE3, SSE3 support alone is not sufficient
Commits on Nov 24, 2015
  1. @dekarl
  2. @dekarl

    We don't want to force a core dump with this unit test

    dekarl committed
    SIGTERM is sent to a process to request its termination.
    SIGQUIT is sent to a process to request that the process quit *and perform a core dump*.
    (explanation shortened from wikipedia)
  3. @gigem

    Revert "Move StartedRecording call from TVRec::StartRecording() to"

    gigem committed
    This reverts commit 891b431.
    That commit broke the returning of the recordingid and actual start
    time saved in the recorded table to the scheduler.
    Refs #12281
  4. @gigem

    Clear reactivate when updating the history in oldrecorded.

    gigem committed
    Previously, the reactivation status was preserved and could cause
    programs to keep getting restarted.  Reactivate was always intended to
    be a 'single shot', so make it that way.
    Refs #12281
  5. @gigem

    Properly cleanup when stopping a failing recording.

    Roger Siddons committed with gigem
    Previously, the recorder was left in a bad state which caused restarts
    to fail.
    Signed-off-by: David Engel <>
    Refs #12281
  6. @gigem

    Copy hostname from scheduler too when creating a new ProgramInfo.

    Roger Siddons committed with gigem
    The hostname is needed to be able to stop the recording in some cases.
    Signed-off-by: David Engel <>
    Refs #12281
Commits on Nov 23, 2015
  1. @dekarl

    Unit tests for Sky episode EIT fixup

    dekarl committed
    Refs #12542
    Patch by
  2. @lomion0815 @dekarl

    Extract Season and Episode from Description field for Sky Germany

    lomion0815 committed with dekarl
    Refs #12542
    Patch by
  3. @dekarl

    Fix handling of ATSC EIT/ETT

    dekarl committed
    A longer explanation can be found in the ticket.
    Patch by Carl Nygaard
    Fixes #11739
  4. @stuarta

    Refs #12548. Implement stripping of HTML tags from EIT data.

    stuarta committed
    Can be turned on and off per service / transport / multiplex
    just like the other fixups.
    Also re-arranged and sorted the UK transport id maps, as there
    were duplicate entries and the sorting was not in transport order
    Added unit tests for stripping html tags
  5. @nriendeau

    Updated Finnish MythFrotend translation from Hannu Teulahti

    Hannu Teulahti committed with nriendeau
    Thank you Hannu!
    Closes #12540
    Signed-off-by: Nicolas Riendeau <>
  6. @Freefly13 @nriendeau

    Updated Italian MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser, MythGallery, …

    Freefly13 committed with nriendeau
    MythMusic, MythNetvision, MythNews MythWeather and MythZoneMinder translation
    from Morris Cavestro
    Thank you Morris!
    Closes #12541
    Signed-off-by: Nicolas Riendeau <>
Commits on Nov 18, 2015
  1. @dekarl

    handle API request limiting responses from themoviedb

    dekarl committed
    Tested with a long list: -M The --debug
    Patch by Casey Barrett
    Fixes #12455
  2. @dekarl

    unbreak after 349d3a4

    dekarl committed
    Tested against the three samples from the ticket.
    Does not prefer primary release date over random release date in case
    the preferred countries release date is missing.
    Patch by Hika van den Hoven
    Fixes #12538
Commits on Nov 16, 2015
  1. @stuarta

    Ensure ATSC Stream Data Handler ignores DVB-CA tables.

    stuarta committed
    Otherwise the logfile is flooded with unknown table
    messages for tables 0x82 and 0x83
Commits on Nov 11, 2015
  1. @dekarl
  2. @dekarl

    fix use of stringstream

    dekarl committed
    cought by the buildbots
    fix suggested by Jonatan Lindblad
  3. @dekarl

    Try to fix a race condition in the MythSystem unit tests

    dekarl committed
    by waiting 5s instead of 0.5s. (we kill the process after 50ms anyway)
  4. @dekarl

    switch build to C++11

    dekarl committed
  5. @wwycheuk @nriendeau

    Update Chinese (HK) locale file from Walter Cheuk

    wwycheuk committed with nriendeau
    Thank you Walter!
    Closes #12526
    Signed-off-by: Nicolas Riendeau <>
  6. @nriendeau

    Updated MythFrontend Finnish translation from Hannu Teulahti

    Hannu Teulahti committed with nriendeau
    Thank you Hannu!
    Closes #12537
    Signed-off-by: Nicolas Riendeau <>
Commits on Nov 8, 2015
  1. @wwycheuk @nriendeau

    Updated Chinese HK translation from Walter Cheuk

    wwycheuk committed with nriendeau
    Thank you Walter!
    Sorry for the delay, the problem took much longer to resolve...
    Closes #12509
    Signed-off-by: Nicolas Riendeau <>
Commits on Nov 4, 2015
  1. @natanojl
Commits on Nov 2, 2015
  1. @jyavenard
  2. @jyavenard

    FFmpeg resync.

    jyavenard committed
    From FFMpeg's changelog.
    version 2.8.1:
    - swscale: fix ticket #4881
    - doc: fix spelling errors
    - hls: only seek if there is an offset
    - asfdec: add more checks for size left in asf packet buffer
    - asfdec: alloc enough space for storing name in asf_read_metadata_obj
    - avcodec/pngdec: Check blend_op.
    - h264_mp4toannexb: fix pps offfset fault when there are more than one sps in avcc
    - avcodec/h264_mp4toannexb_bsf: Use av_freep() to free spspps_buf
    - avformat/avidec: Workaround broken initial frame
    - avformat/hls: fix some cases of HLS streams which require cookies
    - avcodec/pngdec: reset has_trns after every decode_frame_png()
    - lavf/img2dec: Fix memory leak
    - avcodec/mp3: fix skipping zeros
    - avformat/srtdec: make sure we probe a number
    - configure: check for ID3D11VideoContext
    - avformat/vobsub: compare correct packet stream IDs
    - avformat/srtdec: more lenient first line probing
    - avformat/srtdec: fix number check for the first character
    - avcodec/mips: build fix for MSA 64bit
    - avcodec/mips: build fix for MSA
    - avformat/httpauth: Add space after commas in HTTP/RTSP auth header
    - libavformat/hlsenc: Use of uninitialized memory unlinking old files
    - avcodec/x86/sbrdsp: Fix using uninitialized upper 32bit of noise
    - avcodec/ffv1dec: Fix off by 1 error in quant_table_count check
    - avcodec/ffv1dec: Explicitly check read_quant_table() return value
    - dnxhddata: correct weight tables
    - dnxhddec: decode and use interlace mb flag
    - swscale: fix ticket #4877
    - avcodec/rangecoder: Check e
    - avcodec/ffv1: seperate slice_count from max_slice_count
    - swscale: fix ticket 4850
    - cmdutils: Filter dst/srcw/h
    - avutil/log: fix zero length gnu_printf format string warning
    - lavf/webvttenc: Require webvtt file to contain exactly one WebVTT stream.
    - swscale/swscale: Fix "unused variable" warning
    - avcodec/mjpegdec: Fix decoding RGBA RCT LJPEG
    - MAINTAINERS: add 2.8, drop 2.2
    - doc: mention libavcodec can decode Opus natively
    - hevc: properly handle no_rasl_output_flag when removing pictures from the DPB
    - avfilter/af_ladspa: process all channels for nb_handles > 1
    - configure: add libsoxr to swresample's pkgconfig
    - lavc: Fix compilation with --disable-everything --enable-parser=mpeg4video.
    version 2.8:
    - colorkey video filter
    - BFSTM/BCSTM demuxer
    - little-endian ADPCM_THP decoder
    - Hap decoder and encoder
    - DirectDraw Surface image/texture decoder
    - ssim filter
    - optional new ASF demuxer
    - showvolume filter
    - Many improvements to the JPEG 2000 decoder
    - Go2Meeting decoding support
    - adrawgraph audio and drawgraph video filter
    - removegrain video filter
    - Intel QSV-accelerated MPEG-2 video and HEVC encoding
    - Intel QSV-accelerated MPEG-2 video and HEVC decoding
    - Intel QSV-accelerated VC-1 video decoding
    - libkvazaar HEVC encoder
    - erosion, dilation, deflate and inflate video filters
    - Dynamic Audio Normalizer as dynaudnorm filter
    - Reverse video and areverse audio filter
    - Random filter
    - deband filter
    - AAC fixed-point decoding
    - sidechaincompress audio filter
    - bitstream filter for converting HEVC from MP4 to Annex B
    - acrossfade audio filter
    - allyuv and allrgb video sources
    - atadenoise video filter
    - OS X VideoToolbox support
    - aphasemeter filter
    - showfreqs filter
    - vectorscope filter
    - waveform filter
    - hstack and vstack filter
    - Support DNx100 (1440x1080@8)
    - VAAPI hevc hwaccel
    - VDPAU hevc hwaccel
    - framerate filter
    - Switched default encoders for webm to VP9 and Opus
    - Removed experimental flag from the JPEG 2000 encoder
    version 2.7:
    - FFT video filter
    - TDSC decoder
    - DTS lossless extension (XLL) decoding (not lossless, disabled by default)
    - showwavespic filter
    - DTS decoding through libdcadec
    - Drop support for nvenc API before 5.0
    - nvenc HEVC encoder
    - Detelecine filter
    - Intel QSV-accelerated H.264 encoding
    - MMAL-accelerated H.264 decoding
    - basic APNG encoder and muxer with default extension "apng"
    - unpack DivX-style packed B-frames in MPEG-4 bitstream filter
    - WebM Live Chunk Muxer
    - nvenc level and tier options
    - chorus filter
    - Canopus HQ/HQA decoder
    - Automatically rotate videos based on metadata in ffmpeg
    - improved Quickdraw compatibility
    - VP9 high bit-depth and extended colorspaces decoding support
    - WebPAnimEncoder API when available for encoding and muxing WebP
    - Direct3D11-accelerated decoding
    - Support Secure Transport
    - Multipart JPEG demuxer
    version 2.6:
    - nvenc encoder
    - 10bit spp filter
    - colorlevels filter
    - RIFX format for *.wav files
    - RTP/mpegts muxer
    - non continuous cache protocol support
    - tblend filter
    - cropdetect support for non 8bpp, absolute (if limit >= 1) and relative (if limit < 1.0) threshold
    - Camellia symmetric block cipher
    - OpenH264 encoder wrapper
    - VOC seeking support
    - Closed caption Decoder
    - fspp, uspp, pp7 MPlayer postprocessing filters ported to native filters
    - showpalette filter
    - Twofish symmetric block cipher
    - Support DNx100 (960x720@8)
    - eq2 filter ported from libmpcodecs as eq filter
    - removed libmpcodecs
    - Changed default DNxHD colour range in QuickTime .mov derivatives to mpeg range
    - ported softpulldown filter from libmpcodecs as repeatfields filter
    - dcshift filter
    - RTP depacketizer for loss tolerant payload format for MP3 audio (RFC 5219)
    - RTP depacketizer for AC3 payload format (RFC 4184)
    - palettegen and paletteuse filters
    - VP9 RTP payload format (draft 0) experimental depacketizer
    - RTP depacketizer for DV (RFC 6469)
    - DXVA2-accelerated HEVC decoding
    - AAC ELD 480 decoding
    - Intel QSV-accelerated H.264 decoding
    - DSS SP decoder and DSS demuxer
    - Fix stsd atom corruption in DNxHD QuickTimes
    - Canopus HQX decoder
    - RTP depacketization of T.140 text (RFC 4103)
    - Port MIPS optimizations to 64-bit
    version 2.5:
    - HEVC/H.265 RTP payload format (draft v6) packetizer
    - SUP/PGS subtitle demuxer
    - ffprobe -show_pixel_formats option
    - CAST128 symmetric block cipher, ECB mode
    - STL subtitle demuxer and decoder
    - libutvideo YUV 4:2:2 10bit support
    - XCB-based screen-grabber
    - UDP-Lite support (RFC 3828)
    - xBR scaling filter
    - AVFoundation screen capturing support
    - ffserver supports codec private options
    - creating DASH compatible fragmented MP4, MPEG-DASH segmenting muxer
    - WebP muxer with animated WebP support
    - zygoaudio decoding support
    - APNG demuxer
    - postproc visualization support
    version 2.4:
    - Icecast protocol
    - ported lenscorrection filter from frei0r filter
    - large optimizations in dctdnoiz to make it usable
    - ICY metadata are now requested by default with the HTTP protocol
    - support for using metadata in stream specifiers in fftools
    - LZMA compression support in TIFF decoder
    - H.261 RTP payload format (RFC 4587) depacketizer and experimental packetizer
    - HEVC/H.265 RTP payload format (draft v6) depacketizer
    - added codecview filter to visualize information exported by some codecs
    - Matroska 3D support thorugh side data
    - HTML generation using texi2html is deprecated in favor of makeinfo/texi2any
    - silenceremove filter
  3. @jyavenard

    Fix SPDIFEncoder's avio context.

    jyavenard committed
    avid context used to create the raw buffer was opened read only.
  4. @jyavenard

    Use default audio device when none is set.

    jyavenard committed
    This is the default configuration, and would cause initial mythmusic playback to always fail
  5. @jyavenard

    Fix hardware decoding.

    jyavenard committed
    FFmpeg 2.8 now expects that the hwaccel_context be initialized upon returning from get_format. So set it there.
    Verified to work with VDPAU and VAAPI. DXVA not tried.
Commits on Oct 28, 2015
  1. @dekarl
  2. @dekarl
Commits on Oct 27, 2015
  1. @dekarl

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'mspieth/master' into HEAD

    dekarl committed
  2. @dekarl
Commits on Oct 25, 2015
  1. @jpoet

    When starting up a new recording, only check the expiration for episodes

    jpoet committed
    that have been successfully tuned.  Run the expiration check in another
    thread so the next recording is not delayed when there is heavy load.
  2. @jpoet

    Move StartedRecording call from TVRec::StartRecording() to

    jpoet committed
    TVRec::TuningNewRecorder() to better mimic the flow from other code paths.
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