Commits on Feb 19, 2017
  1. VBOX: Add multi-record support to the vbox recorder

    This allows the vbox recorder to record more than one channel using a single
    tuner so long as they are on the same multiplex.
    You need to uncheck 'Limit single channel streaming per UPnP device' setting
    on the Vbox for this to work and firmware >= 2.53 is recommended.
    Also Myth needs to know which channels share a multiplex so a retune of the
    Vbox recorder in Myth is necessary in order to populate this information into
    the database.
    This patch also contains work arounds for #12856 and #12773.
    Signed-off-by: Paul Harrison <>
    Mike Bibbings committed with Paul Harrison Feb 19, 2017
Commits on Feb 17, 2017
  1. Fix Bus Error in mythpreviewgen on Raspberry Pi

    Fixes #12888
    bennettpeter committed Feb 17, 2017
Commits on Feb 16, 2017
  1. Add a SEARCH button to the MythTV Startup window

    Search button allows the user to instruct MythTV to search for a backend
    in cases where database or backend connection cannot be completed.
    Refs #12977
    bennettpeter committed Feb 16, 2017
  2. Quick fix for windows MSVC build.

    Cause of link error is that libmythbase was
    compiled with compat.h included which caused
    CopyFile to be redefined to CopyFileW.
    Simply adding compat.h causes similare redefine in mythfrontend.
    dblain committed Feb 16, 2017
Commits on Feb 14, 2017
  1. Prevent segfault when OpenGL is set on remote X11 session.

    OpenGL fails on a remote session. GUI will revert to QT painter
    when running on a remote X11 session.
    bennettpeter committed Feb 14, 2017
  2. Add a "pre-fail" system event. This triggers 2/3 of the way to the "f…

    event, allowing for possible action to be taken to 'save' the recording.
    For example, I have found that if I re-tune (via the external channel
    changer) when the HD-PVR is struggling to get a lock, that about 90% of the
    time that will allow the recording to succeed.
    jpoet committed Nov 21, 2016
  3. In the themes "Recording Group", hide groups that start with a dot (.)

    These will still show up from the Menu, just not in that buttonlist.  This
    allows the user to de-clutter and only show the groups they want.
    jpoet committed Sep 26, 2015
  4. Fixes #11098 - Rework table section accounting to remove code duplica…

    Reworked by:
    - Roger James <>
    - Stuart Auchterlonie <>
    Signed-off-by: Stuart Auchterlonie <>
    RunePetersen committed with stuarta Feb 3, 2017
  5. Merge remote-tracking branch 'stuart-knock/patch-1'

    Thanks for the review Stuart!
    dekarl committed Feb 14, 2017
Commits on Feb 13, 2017
  1. Use XMLTV dd_progid data to create seriesid

    The current seriesid processing for XMLTV grabbers using a hash for the
    title is non-optimal in the (Schedules Direct) case where the seriesid can
    be more accurately represented (via a supplied dd_progid). The internal
    datadirect grabber creates such a seriesid from its feeds.
    From some research and discussions with Schedules Direct regarding the
    gracenote upstream (raw) data, there is a true seriesid available, but
    passing that through to MythTV, and then adjusting existing data has some
    challenges (some upstream). And while there are some potential approaches,
    rather than wait for the perfect, we can do something now which is
    equivalent to the internal dd grabber.
    This patch creates a better seriesid from a XMLTV source which provides a
    dd_progid with a seriesid which is compatible with the (internal)
    DataDirect? grabber (further moving forward to allowing the eventual removal
    of the internal DD grabber).
    The following patch (based on some initial work by Mr. Poet) creates an
    appropriate seriesid.
    The uniqueid value was added to the code in commit
    347ea03 (over a decade ago) however it was
    never set, and always empty, resulting in some dead code. It appears that
    the uniqueid may have been intended to serve the same/equivalent purposes of
    programid (at some point). This patch removes the (dead) uniqueid along the
    way as part of the larger set of fixes.
    As this patch changes the seriesid for new grabbed programs, those that are
    using the "this series" matching based on the previous seriesid may run into
    some issues. Likely the easiest solution to recommend is to recreate those
    Signed-off-by: John Poet <>
    garybuhrmaster committed with jpoet Feb 13, 2017
  2. Add system even logging.

    jpoet committed Feb 9, 2017
  3. Another attempt at preventing mythfilldatabase from inserting duplicate

    In ChannelData::channelList use ChannelUtil::LoadChannels instead of
    ChannelUtil::GetChannels, as the former seems to be more reliable.
    jpoet committed Feb 10, 2017
  4. Scheduler: For consistency, put [] around card_id in log messags. This

    makes searching/grepping the logs for a specific recording easier.
    jpoet committed Feb 8, 2017
  5. Make sure a ringbuffer switch is checked at least every 10 seconds.

    Otherwise, this check is only performed on keyframes, and if there is a
    problem with the input we may never see one again, resulting in a wedged
    jpoet committed Feb 8, 2017
  6. Correction to commit: ff37862

    Corrects a mistake in the commit referenced above. In that commit a
    sleep was increased from 100 microseconds to 100 milliseconds. This
    proposed change reverts the sleep to the original 100 microseconds.
    stuart-knock committed on GitHub Feb 13, 2017
Commits on Feb 12, 2017
  1. Fix frontend failure when using QT painter with OpenGL video

    Video output will select another method if the frontend theme painter
    is not set up for OpenGL.
    Fixes #12984
    bennettpeter committed Feb 10, 2017
  2. Minor fixes for MythTV Startup Page.

    If database port is missing or 0 defaults to 3306.
    Refs #12977
    bennettpeter committed Feb 12, 2017
  3. Round star rating to nearest full star out of 10

    Pointed out by Jan Schneider
    Refs #7810
    dekarl committed Feb 12, 2017
  4. replace obsolescent usleep in favour of C++11 sleep_for

    pointed out by cppcheck
    dekarl committed Dec 28, 2016
  5. Fix searching for movies based on star ratings

    Original patch by Andrew M. Bishop
    Fixes #12971
    dekarl committed Feb 12, 2017
Commits on Feb 7, 2017
  1. Fix UPNP for selecting backend when there is a PIN set

    Incorrect error code was being set when a pin was required.
    Fixes #12217
    bennettpeter committed Feb 7, 2017
Commits on Feb 6, 2017
  1. Fix source code indentation.

    Prior commit deleted an "if" and the code that was inside needs re-indenting.
    bennettpeter committed Feb 6, 2017
  2. Change the new MythTV startup screen to handle UPNP locating of backend.

    When using UPNP to find the backend, it will not display the startup
    Refs #12977
    bennettpeter committed Feb 6, 2017
Commits on Feb 4, 2017
  1. Add a new MythTV startup page.

    The new page is displayed if the database and backend are not immediately
    available at startup. Displays the progress of wake up and connecting and
    gives user options to retry or change database settings. This page is
    available to all GUI programs - mythfrontend, mythtv-setup, mythwelcome and
    Fixes #12977
    bennettpeter committed Feb 4, 2017
Commits on Feb 2, 2017
  1. ExternalStreamHandler: Under stress, the external application may not

    respond as quick as we would like.  Give it a few tries before aborting.
    jpoet committed Jan 27, 2017
  2. [BLURAY] Don't use the 'idx' field from m_currentTitleInfo for the cu…

    …rrent title as this is always set to zero if the title info was filled by a call to bd_get_playlist_info().
    There should probably be some general clean-up here rather than filling the same structure from two different (but related) sources.  The titles are only the playlists in the order they were read from the disc.
    peper03 committed Feb 2, 2017
  3. Flatten Blu-Ray timecodes when switching from one clip to another to …

    …avoid pauses due to the player thinking there's a huge AV-sync issue.
    Fixes #10294
    peper03 committed Feb 2, 2017
Commits on Feb 1, 2017
  1. Add categorytype to and

    Signed-off-by: Stuart Auchterlonie <>
    Britney Fransen committed with stuarta Feb 1, 2017
Commits on Jan 31, 2017
  1. Add missing return in the unlikely case that AvFormatDecoderBD has no…

    … Blu-ray ringbuffer.
    peper03 committed Jan 31, 2017