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Commits on Mar 5, 2015
  1. Stuart Auchterlonie

    Refs #12399. Only append header path if it's non standard. Prevents w…

    stuarta authored
    …rong inclusion of Qt4 headers into Qt5 builds on platforms that dump Qt4 headers into /usr/include
Commits on Mar 4, 2015
  1. Stuart Auchterlonie
  2. Stuart Auchterlonie
  3. Stuart Auchterlonie

    White space correction

    stuarta authored
  4. Stuart Auchterlonie
  5. Stuart Auchterlonie
  6. Add removal of 'Also in HD' to UK EIT fixups to avoid duplicate recor…

    Richard Hulme authored
    …dings in case programme IDs etc. get lost.
    Original patch from Alan Nimmo, extended to include whitespace.
    Fixes #12087
  7. Stuart Morgan

    Wrap RecStatusType enum in a class so we can expose it to the Service…

    stuartm authored
    …s API via Q_ENUM
    'make distclean' is essential
Commits on Mar 3, 2015
  1. Stuart Morgan
Commits on Mar 2, 2015
  1. Add unit tests for EIT fixups (currently just for UK fixups). Some st…

    Richard Hulme authored
    …uff is currently broken so is marked as 'QEXPECT_FAIL' for now.
  2. Change UK EIT fixups to recognise season and episode numbers when tot…

    Richard Hulme authored
    …al number of episodes is not given.
  3. Stuart Morgan
Commits on Mar 1, 2015
  1. Karl Dietz

    Assign unique bits to all Fixups

    dekarl authored
    Changing the way we write the number while here, so its hopefully easier
    to read.
    Collision found by Richard Hulme
  2. Karl Dietz
  3. Karl Dietz
  4. Karl Dietz
  5. Stuart Morgan

    QT5: Remove unneeded defines

    stuartm authored
  6. Stuart Morgan
  7. Stuart Morgan
  8. Stuart Morgan
  9. Stuart Morgan
  10. Stuart Morgan
  11. Stuart Morgan
  12. Stuart Morgan

    Fix dcrawplugin build under QT5 (plugin needs porting to work)

    stuartm authored
    The QT plugin API changed completely in QT 5, so although these
    changes allow it to build, it doesn't yet work.
  13. Stuart Morgan
  14. Stuart Morgan
  15. Stuart Morgan

    Fix mythgame build under QT5

    stuartm authored
  16. Stuart Morgan
  17. Stuart Morgan

    Fix mythnews build under QT5

    stuartm authored
  18. Stuart Morgan
  19. Stuart Morgan
  20. Stuart Morgan
  21. Stuart Morgan
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