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Commits on Aug 27, 2015
  1. @jpoet

    mythccextractor: add '--destdir' option to allow the srt file to be w…

    jpoet authored
    to a different directory than the source file.
  2. @gigem

    Make sure m_inputid is set in DVBChannel::Open().

    gigem authored
    Fixes #12495
Commits on Aug 26, 2015
  1. ZoneMinder: on a notification only restart the display timer if it wa…

    Paul Harrison authored
    …s active
    This makes sure the alarm popup won't be closed after the alarm state returns
    to idle if user disabled the time-out by pressing SELECT.
Commits on Aug 24, 2015
  1. @dekarl

    Add utility function to clear all bookmarks.

    dekarl authored
    Clears the mythical bookmark around the start of the programme,
    the last playback position and manually set bookmarks.
    Its intended use case is cleanup when the recording file has changed in
    a way that makes the bookmarks useless.
    Refs #11713
Commits on Aug 21, 2015
  1. @gigem
  2. @gigem
  3. @gigem
Commits on Aug 19, 2015
  1. @gigem

    Merge branch 'devel/scheduler'. API and protocol changes mainly

    gigem authored
    dealing with converting card to input.  There is still much more to
  2. MainServer: add a couple of commands to the protocol for lyrics support

    Paul Harrison authored
    This adds MUSIC_LYRICS_FIND and MUSIC_LYRICS_GETGRABBERS to the myth protocol
    that will be used by MythMusic to add some lyrics support.
  3. mythutil: add a new --findlyrics command

    Paul Harrison authored
    This will use any compatible scripts found in
    {SHAREDIR}/mythtv/metadata/Music/lyrics/ to search for lyrics for a given
    MythMusic songid.
    There are some simple example scripts that will search for lyrics in a file,
    embedded in a track's tag or will also use any public APIs provided by some
    lyrics web sites. Each script has a priority that will determine the order
    the scripts will be tried. See the README for the options the scripts need to
    support and the format they should return.
    Most of the scripts are taken from a CU LRC Lyrics kodi plugin but have been
    modified for our purposes.
    This is just the first step to add lyrics support to MythMusic.
  4. NetworkControl: add new 'play music getstatus' command

    Paul Harrison authored
    This adds to the existing 'play music *' commands to get the current status of
    the music player. It currently just returns the playback status which will
    be either PLAYING, STOPPED or PAUSED.
  5. MythMusic: default theme changes for 83da70c

    Paul Harrison authored
  6. MythMusic: add a setting to choose whether to stop playback on jumppoint

    Paul Harrison authored
    When a jumppoint is executed the 'Action on jumppoint' setting will determin
    if we always stop playback or leave it in the state it was before the
    Note this only applies if a Music screen is active/visible.
Commits on Aug 17, 2015
  1. @gigem
  2. @gigem
  3. @gigem
  4. @gigem
  5. @gigem
  6. @gigem

    Change card to input in TVRec.

    gigem authored
  7. @gigem
  8. @gigem
  9. @gigem
  10. @gigem
  11. @gigem
  12. @gigem
  13. @gigem
  14. @gigem
  15. @gigem
  16. @gigem
  17. @gigem
  18. @gigem
  19. @gigem
  20. @gigem
  21. @gigem

    Fix ChannelBase::InitializeInputs() broken in earlier commit.

    gigem authored
    This fixes channel scanning.
  22. @gigem
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