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Commits on Apr 29, 2016
  1. @dizygotheca

    Revert 20b621e MediaMon: UI to select preferred media handler

    dizygotheca committed Apr 11, 2016
    The pop-ups don't cater for multiple media, nor respect the autoplay settings
    Fixes #12689
  2. @dizygotheca

    Gallery: Add slideshow jump forward/back

    dizygotheca committed Feb 3, 2016
    Up/Down jumps forward/back 10 slides in slideshow view
  3. @dizygotheca

    Gallery: Add status delay

    dizygotheca committed Feb 3, 2016
    When images are slow to load the "Loading" status can be irritating.
    This patch adds a user setting to delay the "Loading" & "Playing" status.
  4. @dizygotheca

    Gallery: Add keybinding to set covers

    dizygotheca committed Feb 3, 2016
    Keybinding Images:"COVER" (default 'C') will set the parent dir cover of the selected image.
    Or clear the the cover when the parent dir is selected.
  5. @dizygotheca

    Gallery: Change crumb separator

    dizygotheca committed Feb 3, 2016
    Feedback suggests "Dir1 > Dir2 > Image" is preferable to "Dir1 : Dir2 : Image"
  6. @dizygotheca
  7. @dizygotheca

    Python: Restore chanId/startTime API for recordings

    dizygotheca committed Apr 29, 2016
    Exisiting python scripts depend on the Recorded class taking the chanid/starttime instead of the recordedid as the primary key.
    This patch updates the Recorded class to continue using the chanid/starttime pair.
    A future patch can add recordedid as a second option so as not to break backwards compatibility.
    Fixes: #12260
Commits on Apr 28, 2016
  1. @mitchcapper
Commits on Apr 27, 2016
  1. @natanojl
Commits on Apr 25, 2016
  1. @nriendeau
  2. @petrsrsen @nriendeau

    Updated Czech MythFrontend translation

    petrsrsen committed with nriendeau Apr 24, 2016
    from Petr Srsen
    Thank you Petr!
    Closes #12726
Commits on Apr 24, 2016
  1. @stuartm

    Fix backend status page

    stuartm committed Apr 24, 2016
Commits on Apr 22, 2016
  1. @stuarta
Commits on Apr 17, 2016
  1. @dekarl

    silence static analysis error

    dekarl committed Apr 17, 2016
    Patch by Gary Buhrmaster
    Fixes #12443
  2. @garybuhrmaster @dekarl

    Add logging of hdhr statistics

    garybuhrmaster committed with dekarl May 29, 2013
    (cherry picked from commit db38101)
    Signed-off-by: Karl Dietz <>
    Fixes #11565
  3. @garybuhrmaster @dekarl

    Patch to increase hdhr max returned buffer size

    garybuhrmaster committed with dekarl May 28, 2013
    In (very) high bitrate scenerios, the 64KB value may
    result in extra traffic through the various library
    routines (since in 20ms, 100KB could be seen).  This
    patch increased the buffer size a bit.
    (cherry picked from commit e25720a)
    Signed-off-by: Karl Dietz <>
    replaces a magic number
    Fixes #11564
  4. mythzmserver: prevent a segfault if we fail to find a monitors shared…

    Paul Harrison committed Apr 17, 2016
    … memory
Commits on Apr 16, 2016
  1. @garybuhrmaster @dekarl

    Update tables related to the program table

    garybuhrmaster committed with dekarl Apr 15, 2016
    In the case that a program is deleted or changed, insure
    that the related programrating and programgenres tables
    are also modified appropriately (as is the credits table)
    Fixes #12729
    Refs #12592
    (cherry picked from commit 74a1b21)
    Signed-off-by: Karl Dietz <>
  2. @dekarl

    Rewrite of the EIT Fixup for Sky Germany

    dekarl committed Apr 16, 2016
    Patch by lomion
    Fixes #12702
  3. @dekarl
  4. @dekarl
Commits on Apr 12, 2016
  1. @dekarl

    fix typo in german translation

    dekarl committed Apr 13, 2016
  2. @dekarl

    fix typo and doxify

    dekarl committed Apr 5, 2016
  3. @stuarta
  4. @stuarta

    Set LIBVERSION for plugins too

    stuarta committed Apr 12, 2016
  5. @stuarta

    Set version to 29-Pre

    stuarta committed Apr 12, 2016
  6. @stuarta
  7. @stuarta

    No need to check for qt3 anymore

    stuarta committed Apr 12, 2016
Commits on Apr 11, 2016
  1. @dizygotheca

    Avoid crash when file transfer can't open files

    dizygotheca committed Apr 11, 2016
    916e43b inadvertently adds a failed File Transfer to the fileTransferList
    causing a segfault when a subsequent socket disconnection attempts to clean up and
    delete the File Transfer again.
    Fixes #12650
  2. @stuartm
  3. @nriendeau
  4. @nriendeau

    Updated French language translation

    nriendeau committed Apr 10, 2016
    from the French language translation team
    Thank you!
    Signed-off-by: Nicolas Riendeau <>
Commits on Apr 10, 2016
  1. @bennettpeter @dizygotheca

    Pi: Background shows through with ffmpeg & openmax

    bennettpeter committed with dizygotheca Apr 10, 2016
    aa676f7 prevented background bleed where the decoder was openmax
    but does not cover the case where the decoder is ffmpeg and the renderer is openmax,
    which still bleeds through. This is a viable combination which provides better quality
    than openmax decoder in some cases.
    Also fixes a segfault documented by #12700 & #12709, which was introduced by the fix for #12691.
    Fixes #12693
    Signed-off-by: Roger Siddons <>
Commits on Apr 9, 2016
  1. Restore queuing of jobs when a recording finishes.

    Bill Meek committed Apr 9, 2016
    Reverts a portion of ffef83f. In TVRec::FinishedRecording, a check
    of the recording's filesize is made. If it's less than 1000, then
    PreviewGeneratorQueue isn't run. JOB_COMMFLAG and JOB_TRANSCODE
    get removed from the queue.
    After ffef83f ProgramInfo::GetFilesize will, at times, return a
    filesize of 0 even though it's not. This is always 0 at the end
    of a recording (only DVB and HDHOMERUN card types tested.)
    This workaround will use the RecordedInfo filesize value if it's
    non zero because in all tests, if non zero, the RI filesize
    matched the value returned from the DB.
    If RI filesize is zero, then there's no way to know if it's valid,
    so use the 'old' DB query. If VB_RECORD is set and the DB filesize
    is > 0 (and RI filesize = 0) then LOG.
    I'm assuming that simply removing the 1000 byte test is a worse
    workaround to the problem.
    Refs #12290
  2. @Freefly13 @nriendeau

    Updated Italian MythFrontend, MythMusic, MythGallery and MythZoneMind…

    Freefly13 committed with nriendeau Apr 9, 2016
    …er translation
    from Morris Cavestro
    Thank you Morris!
    Closes #12714
    Closes #12623
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