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Jul 19, 2012

  1. Gavin Hurlbut

    Setting VERSION to v0.26-alpha

    Beirdo authored
  2. Gavin Hurlbut

    Setting VERSION to vv0.26-alpha

    Beirdo authored
  3. Gavin Hurlbut

    OK, I think this is finally right. I hope.

    Beirdo authored
  4. Gavin Hurlbut

    Trying again to fix windows configure

    Beirdo authored
  5. Gavin Hurlbut

    Try to fix configure for windows

    Beirdo authored
  6. Gavin Hurlbut

    Add check for libuuid in top-level configure

    This should save the mess of having to wait for zeromq's configure before
    realizing you are missing libuuid.
    Beirdo authored

Jul 18, 2012

  1. Chris Pinkham

    Make HLS encoder debugging a little easier.

    Add the ability to search by recording title/subtitle/description
    in the hlstest.qsp HLS demo page.
    cpinkham authored
  2. daniel-kristjansson

    Refs #10489. Use regular recording group when grabbing LiveTV recorder.

  3. daniel-kristjansson

    Refs #10489. Bypass IsTunable check for kPseudoChangeChannel.

    When a scheduled recorder grabs a LiveTV instance we already know
    the channel is tunable on this recorder.
  4. wagnerrp

    Add configuration changes in mythtv-setup missed by a640d37

    This adds the configuration options for AllowLinkLocal to mythtv-setup,
    supposed to have been part of a640d37, but missed during the commit.
    Note to translators, this adds some additional strings.
    wagnerrp authored
  5. Jean-Yves Avenard

    Make AllowLinkLocal default to true

    jyavenard authored
  6. wagnerrp

    Correct bad copy/paste in ServerPool.

    wagnerrp authored
  7. Jean-Yves Avenard

    Fix compilation issue on some systems

    jyavenard authored

Jul 17, 2012

  1. Jean-Yves Avenard

    Use SSE accelerated floating point conversions.

    AudioBuffer class was using QByteArray which can't be memory aligned. Re-implement it using our own buffer data type
    jyavenard authored
  2. Jean-Yves Avenard

    Add AirPlay password authentication support.

    Thanks to (IRC: Seeker`) original patch
    Fixes #10310
    jyavenard authored
  3. Jean-Yves Avenard

    Add graphic user configuration for AirPlay.

    Aim to simplify AirPlay and AirTunes configuration. The AirPlay settings page will also show the status for the RSA key and indicate any potential errors.
    Drop conditional compilation of AirPlay (video only) without AirTunes (RAOP).
    Services can now be started using proper settings and doesn't require the use of environment variables.
    jyavenard authored
  4. Gavin Hurlbut

    Remove the use of abs(long long) as it freaks out ARM compilers

    Rather than using qAbs or llabs, it's simple enough in the specific situations
    to just avoid using abs() altogether.
    Fixes #10915
    Beirdo authored
  5. jflatt

    Use QLibrary to find libGLESv2 for ARM

    Please let us know if this causes regressions in other GLES setups.
    Fixes #10292
    Signed-off-by: Gavin Hurlbut <>
    jflatt authored Beirdo committed

Jul 16, 2012

  1. Stuart Morgan

    Fix display of mythgame tree on first load Fixes #10918

    stuartm authored
  2. Stuart Morgan

    Allow all weather screens to be deleted

    This resolves an issue where it was impossible to delete all screens. This
    was especially problematic when those screens were attached to
    grabbers which no longer existed.
    stuartm authored
  3. Stuart Morgan

    Drop the BBC weather grabber, it's broken and replaced by the Met Off…

    …ice grabber in the UK, Wunderground for the rest of the world
    stuartm authored
  4. Chris Pinkham

    HLS encoder enhancements.

    - Use AAC audio instead of MP3.  This negates the need for
    using --enable-libmp3lame on the command line since we now use the
    built in AAC encoder in libavcodec.  This change also requires
    converting the audio data to float for use by the encoder.  For
    now, this commit uses C code to do the int to float conversion,
    but a call to use AudioOutputUtil::toFloat() to use assembler to
    do this conversion should be enabled in the near future.
    - Use High 4.1 profile for encoding video with a width of >= 1024.
    I also think the changes made for this support might have fixed an
    issue with parts of the main profile not being used previously
    for output video >= 960 in width.
    cpinkham authored
  5. Chris Pinkham

    Fix menu background color in backend webserver.

    cpinkham authored
  6. Nicolas Riendeau

    Add the new strings we will use for video metadata parsing

    Refs #10613
    nriendeau authored
  7. Nicolas Riendeau

    Merge branch 'master' of

    nriendeau authored
  8. Nicolas Riendeau

    Translation context change for cc608 program types/categories

    nriendeau authored
  9. wagnerrp

    Add timezone awareness to datetime class.

    This is going to break some stuff until I figure out what all needs to
    be handled as local or UTC.
    This also moves the contents of '' into a separate folder, and
    splits it up into several files.
    wagnerrp authored
  10. Nicolas Riendeau

    Merge branch 'master' of

    nriendeau authored
  11. Nicolas Riendeau

    DVB descriptors translation context change

    nriendeau authored
  12. Freefly13

    Updated Italian MythFrontend translation

    from Morris Cavestro
    Thank you Morris!
    Closes #10916
    Signed-off-by: Nicolas Riendeau <>
    Freefly13 authored nriendeau committed

Jul 15, 2012

  1. Stuart Morgan

    Add missing 'use' call in

    stuartm authored
  2. Stuart Morgan

    Actually install the Met Office grabbers

    stuartm authored
  3. Stuart Morgan

    Actually install the Met Office grabbers

    stuartm authored
  4. Stuart Morgan

    Add an 18 hour view for the UK Met Office grabber

    stuartm authored
  5. Stuart Morgan

    If a grabber cannot return a value for a data field then allow the th…

    …emer to hide it or chose what value to display instead of 'N/A'
    stuartm authored
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