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Commits on Aug 6, 2012
  1. @Beirdo

    Setting VERSION to v0.26-beta

    Beirdo authored
  2. @nriendeau

    Always recognize Season and Episode in addition to their translation

    nriendeau authored
    when parsing video files.
    Closes #10613
  3. @stichnot
Commits on Aug 5, 2012
  1. @stuartm

    MythMusic: Remove duplicate menu entry for the Fullscreen Visualiser

    Paul Harrison authored stuartm committed
    (cherry picked from commit c58dce4)
Commits on Aug 4, 2012
  1. @nriendeau

    Updated German MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythGallery, MythGame,

    Florian Bittner authored nriendeau committed
    MythMusic, MythNews and MythWeather translation
    from Florian Bittner.
    Thank you Florian!
    Closes #10973
    Signed-off-by: Nicolas Riendeau <>
  2. @stichnot
  3. @dekarl @daniel-kristjansson

    Fixes #10944. Fix frontend playback button on mythweb details page.

    dekarl authored daniel-kristjansson committed
    Signed-off-by: Daniel Thor Kristjansson <>
Commits on Aug 3, 2012
  1. @daniel-kristjansson
  2. @daniel-kristjansson

    Fixes #10970. Fix StreamHandler restart race.

    daniel-kristjansson authored
    We wait for _running to be set to false, but we need the thread to be
    in the finish state or QThread::start() will exit silently without
    starting the thread. Since we're calling QThread::wait() we don't
    really need the while (_running) loop at all in either Start() or
    Stop(), so I've removed it. This race probably dates back to the
    pthread->QThread porting.
  3. @daniel-kristjansson

    Refs #10970. Don't print EOF as error if it's expected.

    daniel-kristjansson authored
    This isn't the cause of any issues, it's just a bit confusing when reading the logs.
    When we close a DRB we are expecting a EOF so it's not an error when we see it..
  4. @jpoet
Commits on Aug 1, 2012
  1. @stuartm

    Guard against incomplete data in the MetOffice feed, if a period cont…

    stuartm authored
    …ains no data then skip over it
Commits on Jul 31, 2012
  1. @wagnerrp

    Correct --printexpire option in mythbackend.

    wagnerrp authored
    This corrects logic that was accidentally inverted in 8bc8dd5, and
    allows `mythbackend --printexpire` to be used again.
  2. @Beirdo

    Revert "Setting VERSION to v0.26-beta"

    Beirdo authored
    This reverts commit db9ef08.
  3. @daniel-kristjansson

    Fixes #8983. Allow relaxed matching of channels in DB.

    daniel-kristjansson authored
    If the user has incomplete channel info in their DB still try
    to match them as best as we can to channels found in the scan.
  4. @Beirdo

    Setting VERSION to v0.26-beta

    Beirdo authored
  5. @wofferl @daniel-kristjansson

    Fixes #10943. Apply LiveTV group before we start jobs.

    wofferl authored daniel-kristjansson committed
    Signed-off-by: Daniel Kristjansson <>
  6. @daniel-kristjansson

    Refs #10961. Add missing RunProlog()/RunEpilog()

    daniel-kristjansson authored
    I don't know if this addresses the issue of the ticket or not
    but this should address the warnings about DB connection handling
    in #10934 which may be related. FYI The QRunnable::run()
    implementations don't need this as calling this is handled
    by MThreadPool for those.
  7. @stuartm

    Clarify translated error strings for mythfilldatabase too, signed off…

    stuartm authored
    … by Nicholas Riendeau on behalf of the translation team.
  8. @stuartm
  9. @stuartm
  10. @stuartm
  11. @wwycheuk @nriendeau

    Updated Hong Kong Chinese MythFrontend and MythArchive translatation

    wwycheuk authored nriendeau committed
    from Walter Cheuk
    Thank you Walter!
    Refs #10960
    Signed-off-by: Nicolas Riendeau <>
Commits on Jul 30, 2012
  1. @dekarl @daniel-kristjansson

    fix braino in parser of delivery system descriptor

    dekarl authored daniel-kristjansson committed
    Use "a" instead of "auto" as default for DTVInversion to silence error.
    Actualy show what inversion parameter is considered invalid.
    Make both copies of the error message identical while here.
    Fixes #10917
    Signed-off-by: Daniel Thor Kristjansson <>
  2. @daniel-kristjansson
  3. @daniel-kristjansson

    Refs #10948. Fully randomize EIT crawl start time.

    daniel-kristjansson authored
    The deadlocks we've been seeing here should be fixed now, but they
    should have been rare to begin with due to randomization of the
    EIT Scanning start time. But they were occurring at fairly high
    frequency. It turns out we were not applying enough randomness when
    there were multiple cards and we were also losing randomness after
    the first recording on a tuner finished and we reset the clock.
  4. @daniel-kristjansson

    Fixes #10897. Clear paused when we unpause FirewireRecorder.

    Kyle authored daniel-kristjansson committed
    Signed-off-by: Daniel Thor Kristjansson <>
  5. @daniel-kristjansson

    Refs #10872. Use desired start and end times for recording quality.

    daniel-kristjansson authored daniel-kristjansson committed
    This is the rest of [07acf0e]. The constructors weren't right in
    the previous commit and we need to get updated desired times to
    the recorder for the recording quality determination to use them.
  6. @daniel-kristjansson

    Fixes #10872. Use desired start and end times.

    daniel-kristjansson authored
    The recording quality measurement needs to know when a recording was
    supposed to start and end to know how much is actually missing from
    the recording. We used to use the scheduled start and end times for
    this, but sometimes a recording is intentionally started late or ended
    early. This captures that by tracking the 'desired' start and end point.
    This is initially set by the scheduler using and pre and post roll
    values, and if the user intentionally stops a recording early that
    updates the desired end time as well.
  7. @daniel-kristjansson
  8. @ldkronos @gigem

    Add Ceton usb support

    ldkronos authored gigem committed
    The attached patch fixes an issue with the Ceton RTP code that
    prevents it from working on the USB version Ceton device.  The
    previous code attempted to filter out any packets originating from IPs
    other than the Ceton's configured IP.  This worked fine with the PCIe
    ceton device, but the USB version does not behave the same way.
    Packets will be originated from another IP address.  Thus the code
    will not let any packets through when using a USB Ceton.  Removing
    this check will allow both the PCIe and USB Ceton devices to function
    properly.  Fixes #10952 .
    Signed-off-by: David Engel <>
  9. @daniel-kristjansson

    Fixes #10956. Special case LoggingItem in ReferenceCounter.

    daniel-kristjansson authored
    We can't LOG the LoggingItem reference counter as that will lead to infinite recursion.
    We also can't LOG in PrintDebug() under the leakLock lock anymore because that will lead to a deadlock.
  10. @jyavenard

    Add method to immediately interrupt HLS read or seek.

    jyavenard authored
    HLSRingBuffer::Read and HLSRingBuffer::Seek always wait for sufficient data to be buffered before returning. Add two new methods: HLSRingBuffer::Interrupt() and HLSRingBuffer::Continue() to stop any wait.
    Ref #10934
  11. @jyavenard

    Fix possible deadlock in AirPlay server

    jyavenard authored
    Under some circumstances, we could send a PLAY command while the system was already playing, so we would never receive the TVPlaybackUnpaused signal and wait forever.
    Add a new TVPlaybackPlaying() signal that is always emit after handling the ACTION_PLAY event
  12. @jyavenard

    Make mythavtest always use OpenGL on Mac

    jyavenard authored
    Following 0a5d426, do the same for mythavtest
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