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EIT cross-sourcing for set-top-boxes #22

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Ticket description:

Feature enhancement for EIT cross sourcing.
-Allows use of a DVB card to apply EIT guide data to an analogue stb source.

-Adds new videosource type to mythtv-setup which allows use of an analogue video feed with digital EIT EPG data.

-DVB card is used for scanning to populated database transport info.

-Sourceid storage has been moved from cardinput.sourceid to a map table (videosourcemap) which links cardinputs to a sourceid with a map type (main, eit, or scan).

-Patch requires new mysql table to exist:

CREATE TABLE videosourcemap (
mapid int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
sourceid int(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
cardinputid int(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
type varchar(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',

Cardinput.sourceid is no longer required.

I've tried to keep this brief but happy to help if anything more is required. Thanks, Lincoln.

pinkylinc added some commits May 17, 2012
@pinkylinc pinkylinc New feature add: Crosssourcing EIT. Moving sourceid from cardinput to…
… videosourcemap to allow more flexibility with cardinput to

videosource linking. mythtv-setup, mythbackend, and libmythtv modified to use new database table. mythtv-setup modified to allow
configuration with new 'Cross sourced' videosource type. Allows seperate input card to be selected for channel scanning and EIT
collection. Channel editor modified to allow for cross sourced scanning and Imrovements made to the Transport editor. Mythbackend
modified to link sourceid to a channel with a maptype rather than being linked to the cardinput.
@pinkylinc pinkylinc Complete TODO: Refactor DBChannel and ChannelInfo into a single class c37f105
@pinkylinc pinkylinc Complete mythtv-setup modifications for new EIT crosssource feature. …
…videosourcemaps now handled correctly for cloned cardinputs.
@pinkylinc pinkylinc Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into mycrosssourceupst…

@pinkylinc pinkylinc Re-inserting some removed code so that changes can merged with upstre…
…am master
@pinkylinc pinkylinc Refactor InfputInfo.sourceid to InputInfo.mainsourceid to aid further…
… refactoring
@pinkylinc pinkylinc Further refactoring of channelbase. Added variable m_chanID to store …
…current chanid reducing reliance on sourceid + channum
@pinkylinc pinkylinc Final patch formatting corrections 2638ccc
@pinkylinc pinkylinc Merge branch 'master' of git:// into mycrosss…
@pinkylinc pinkylinc closed this Jun 5, 2012
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