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Have mythtranscode report aac_latm #33

merged 1 commit into from over 1 year ago

3 participants

Glidos Stuart Auchterlonie Gavin Hurlbut

This extends mythtranscode's reporting of audio formats to include aac and acc_latm.
Scripts can use these reports when using mythtranscode in fifodir mode to determine what will be sent to the fifos.

Stuart Auchterlonie

This has been merged already. See

Stuart Auchterlonie stuarta reopened this
Gavin Hurlbut Beirdo merged commit 75fa1eb into from
takaaki takaakis62 referenced this pull request from a commit in takaakis62/mythtv_isdb
Stuart Auchterlonie stuarta Add AAC and AAC_LATM tages to mythtranscode info output
Pull request: MythTV/mythtv#33
Merge remote-tracking branch 'glidos/fixes/0.26' into fixes/0.26

Refs #11380 and e78e59c

Signed-off-by: Stuart Auchterlonie <>
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Feb 24, 2013
Paul Gardiner Have mythtranscode report aac_latm 75fa1eb
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  1. +6 0 mythtv/programs/mythtranscode/transcode.cpp
6 mythtv/programs/mythtranscode/transcode.cpp
@@ -1527,6 +1527,12 @@ int Transcode::TranscodeFile(const QString &inputname,
1527 1527 case CODEC_ID_MP2:
1528 1528 audio_codec_name = "mp2";
1529 1529 break;
  1530 + case CODEC_ID_AAC:
  1531 + audio_codec_name = "aac";
  1532 + break;
  1533 + case CODEC_ID_AAC_LATM:
  1534 + audio_codec_name = "aac_latm";
  1535 + break;
1530 1536 default:
1531 1537 audio_codec_name = "unknown";
1532 1538 }

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