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README for mythzmserver
mythzmserver is a daemon that acts as a server receiving requests for information
from mythfrontend's running the MythZoneMinder plugin and passing it back to the
clients. The server should be run on the machine where ZM is running.

How to compile standalone
The server will be compiled and created along with the frontend plugin and if you 
are lucky you will be able to just copy the mythzmserver executable to your server
machine and it will work OK.

If the server machine is using different version of the required libs then you will
have to copy the source to your server and compile it standalone there.

The server is designed to be as lean as possible and doesn't require Myth or QT to
be installed in order to compile or run. It does require the mysql client library but
that must already be installed for ZM to run.

It's best to run ./configure in the mythplugins directory before copying the source to 
the server machine to make sure the config.h is created properly.

Copy the mythzmserver directory to the machine where you want to run the server.

run :- 'make -f Makefile.standalone'

then copy the resulting mythzmserver executable to somewhere in your path.

Command line options

-p or --port number        A port number to listen on (default is 6548)
-d or --daemon             Runs mythzmserver as a daemon
-n or --nodaemon           Does not run mythzmserver as a daemon (default)
-c or --zmconfig           Location of zoneminders config file (default is /etc/zm.conf)
-l or --logfile filename   Writes STDERR and STDOUT messages to filename
-v or --verbose            Prints more debug output

Starting mythzmserver

The server is designed to be run as a service on start up. It should be started
after ZoneMinder has been started and should be run as either root or as the 
same user that ZM uses which is usually the same as the apache user.

If you are using the defaults for the port and location of the zm.config file you would
start it something like this:-

mythzmserver -d

That would start the server as a daemon, listening on port 6548 and using /etc/zm.config for
the ZM config file.

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